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Saturday, September 23, 2017
Doctors in Battle!

Doctors In Battle!


Wheat and Gluten

Magnesium Tightrope!

Magnesium Tightrope!

Effective Chlorine Removal
Iron Negative Alzheimers

Our Healthy Lifestyle articles unique! Short, Easy to Follow, Well researched, and…our readers have said it!…Totally interesting! Most of us do not have time to wade through thousands of research documents. We need shorthand help for health in our busy lives. But also…we need to understand what we read! If we want to follow up…then YouTube references, our readers say fascinating! Author, Robert Gardner is passionate and qualified about his subject. Not only does he have the broad and fascinating background to qualify his comments…but he truly has the facility to digest thousands of opinions and points of view in a rapid and even humorous way! BUT the subjects are serious. Our civilization has gone askew! Our very way of life, not least medical systems, is in massive financial jeopardy. Unfortunately, thanks to self interested business, and lack of knowledge. Insulin Resistant Syndrome malaise, created chain of tragic events. Results from Metabolic Syndrome disease…including: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Dementia and Alzheimer’s to name a few…is catastrophic.


Magnesium Tightrope!

Magnesium Tightrope!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4kBzHikig8&t=16s Always traditionally concerned about my heart, and calcium deposits to the lining...so have followed Magnesium Tightrope saga carefully. But it's now not just heart its...



Iron Negative Alzheimers

Iron Negative Alzheimers
Iron Negative for Alzheimers...Particular researcher and writer who, in my book 'indefatigable'...not necessarily 'indomitable'!..points this out, Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Have concentrated  on both 'active' and...
Flu Season Again!

‘Flu Season Again!


Worldwide OBESITY crisis, which I continually repeat is REFLECTIVE, and the RESULT of Insulin Resistant Syndrome issues, is something we CAN deal with NOW! Essentially we need our Healthy Lifestyle!