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Savvy Meat Health Cheat Sheet, Simple?!

Savvy Meat Health Cheat Sheet, Simple?!
Savvy Meat Health Cheat Sheet, Simple?!

Let us try to get a practical useful descending order for various Meat Intakes for Humans! Also on the way: a little on the Why?!

Start with Red Meat from Beef Steaks and then a comparison to Lamb, Chicken and Fish.
Top Priority! Try to avoid Red Meat:
First, no need for our Strength! Many examples of strong vegetarians: Elephants classic!
Then Apes, all species, all without tails! including humans and many examples of those excellent vegetarian athletes!
More red meat leads to higher chances of Colon Cancer which is 2nd leading cancer death. Then BBQs are a whole other problem!
Chicken, ironically, but keep organic actually decreases that chance!
Explanation: Humans allergic Neu5Gc molecule in Bovines, meaning Beef! one exception Bison or our North American Buffalo! This you can eat!
But worse news: we humans are allergic to Neu5Gc.resulting to inflammatory reaction. besides the lenghty 5 hours to digest contributing to rotting meat in our gut.
Compare this to fish, digesting in some 30 minutes!
Plus our arteries contain molecule Neu5Ac, one molecule apart from Neu5Gc in cattle! So our arteries and vascular system mistakenly under attack as well!
This seems to be the link of red meat to cardiovascular disease!

Our love of Red Meat also ironically is hand in hand with another unique Human trait. That is our infatuation with Cows’ milk!

Means both Beef from Cattle and Milk from Cows multiple issues:
Remember Casein from milk is self-programmed to fatten baby calves into a 2000 pound cow!
Uniquely we so frequently, invariably abandon Mother’s milk, and feed Cow’s milk to our offspring!
Humans Unique in the Animal world in this habit!

We are also into Milk products! This Dairy fetish is one of the reasons for our oft rejection or allergy as humans to Milk, Cream, AND Cheese!

Plus an aside: Casein from Cow’s milk is used in making glue to bind wood products! How’s that for food for thought!
Histamine reactions of humans reacting to this cause issues: asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, even ear infections!

But back to the main issue:

To quote Dr. David Freedman: ‘…I found that really there’s a big consensus, whether it be John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, American Cancer Society all agree. The more red meat you eat, the more likely you are to have colon cancer, which is the second leading cause of death among cancers.’

Savvy Meat Health Cheat Sheet, Simple?!