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Aroma Therapy Fights Alzheimer’s?

Aroma Therapy Fights Alzheimer's?
Aroma Therapy Fights Alzheimer's?

For years, as medical students, we were taught finite number of neurons in our brains and their loss irreversible…to such an extent I remember caustic comments about alcohol and potential damage to brain cells and thinking impairment…and impetuous youthful idea that toleration to some degree, as we have so many cells…in percentage terms it was trade off! That era looks like dark ages! BUT if you engage many a General Practitioner today on this subject, you will be astounded how steeped that thinking is embedded! Neurogenesis…relatively a new concept. But Aromatherapy…which is what the Japanese were investigating, with the permission of advanced cancer patients in 1998, so that the effects could technically measured in autopsies…absolutely groundbreaking…Aroma Therapy Fights Alzheimer’s?

Opened door to cell genesis…and the potential of self renewal throughout life! The reversal of Dementia using Aromatherapy, consisting of Rosemary, Lemon, Lavender and Orange…and the graduation from that to arresting progression of severe dementia or Alzheimer’s, with just lemon balm lotion, genuinely amazing….Aroma Therapy Fights Alzheimer’s?

This renders another arrow in quiver for multi attack on Alzheimer’s. Soon, and am determined, will produce e-book to demonstrate we can fight Alzheimer’s NOW. That is reason for this careful assembly of striking research, that lies hither and thither, but assembled properly is overwhelmingly powerful! Have great respect for Dr. Michael Greger, who ably runs NutritionFacts.org. and is author of extremely interesting blog: Best Aromatherapy Herb for Alzheimer’s. I am referring to total Blog as it is not long, and findings are extremely surprising and very heartening. What is not heartening…this knowledge developed courtesy of Japanese way back in 2002, has not found any funding to develop concept. Why? Well as Michael Greger so cynically concludes…there is no drug money in it! There is an enormous business in prescribing expensive pharmaceuticals, and of course the accompanying potentially devastating side effects…but something as simple as aroma therapy with only positives…well to lineup against Big Pharma…tough! Billions of $s money made out from pharmaceuticals…and how much can be generated from some lemon balm lotion being rubbed on the patient with resulting neurogenesis! In summary the neuroplasticity of our brains amazing, and we must exploit this as an arrow to battle Dementia. Aroma Therapy Fights Alzheimer’s?