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Younger Healthier Message from Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner

Robert: many skills, and plenty of experience! Outset, biological scientist, and Cambridge Medical school… but switched and graduated its Law School. Held life interest preventative medicine. Real motivation probably then medically ‘sentenced’ as ‘incurable’ rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in his teens and early twenties… fought… & prevailed… with instinctive adoption of overriding healthy lifestyle, contrary to then (and even now!) prevailing medical thinking. Metabolic Syndrome and Autoimmunity fight in today’s terms! Retrospectively proven right. His inductive thinking and extensive legal experience helps the mix!… often, means a challenge to our established medical, bureaucratic… even autocratic thinking.

Successful courtroom career & extensive business experience… with inductive sense for opportunity… today’s issues: problems management legal, accounting, finance, and overwhelming and unsympathetic bureaucracies… also just ‘bad apples’… and the need to fight, vindicate, and validate… that really affects us all, but… unnecessarily often costs & hurts many!

Passionate…a ‘zest for life’… that often is sadly shortened for many. Follows rigorous, disciplined, personal routine… helps underscore by personal example keys to health & longevity. Respect for inherent benefits of DNA origins and lifestyle ‘codes’ for beneficial ‘up links’… & essential, continual, need to ‘unlock’ positive DNA ‘expressions’ we all in reality possess genetically. Enthusiastic about importance relationships, family, friends… emotional interaction, mental challenges and their meaning for health. The reality dimension of workplace, financial, and health challenges, facing and shared with everyone, including potentially harsh impacts on an ever aging population. BUT the ‘young’, forceful message… it’s never too soon or ‘late’ to start!

Similar WEB sites sometimes sound judgment, BUT usually lengthy, technical, & difficult to assimilate.  YoungerHealthier.com., fills that desperate need for a wide ranging assessment and straight talk, easily understood guidance. The real PLUS? The credibility & continued discipline now has its’ own momentum… follower numbers impressive and themselves ‘enabled’… & dramatically daily increasing with this WEB new, fast interactive, welcomed platform. Close association with Google results in no nonsense real time interest and interactive excitement… you will surely find a ‘Younger Healthier’ & surprisingly helpful… meaningful… even exciting way to a Healthy life!

Robert Gardner – Written to Help!