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Younger Healthier Message from Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner: multi skilled, and practical experience! Outset, biological scientist at Cambridge, and  then Cambridge Medical school…graduated from its Law School.! Life interest preventative medicine. Motivation his so called ‘incurable’ Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) starting in teens…with instinct adoption of healthy lifestyle, contrary to prevailing medical thinking. (A common theme!) Metabolic Syndrome and Autoimmunity fight in today’s terms!

Successful legal career & extensive business experience… with inductive sense for assessment and anomaly… today’s health issues are full of them! But the real positives…preventative health care and the fantastic opportunity of extended Life Span or Longevity in a real sense! The reality of possibility of breaking those insurance companies that bet against us!

Follows rigorous,  personal routine… underscored by personal example… keys to health & longevity. Respects inherent benefits of DNA origins and lifestyle ‘codes’ for beneficial ‘up links’…and essential ‘unlocking’ of positive DNA ‘expressions’. The reality social negative dimensions of seniors, including potentially harsh impacts of an ever aging population.. workplace, finance and stress challenges. BUT the ‘young’, forceful message… it’s never too soon or ‘late’ to start…and metabolic illnesses… for example heart attacks, stokes, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s all surprisingly vulnerable targets! His judgement that real health is overcoming negative cellular health…meaning positive mitochondrial and Stem Cell performance and catalysts that drive this.

Similar WEB sites of easily understood commentary and well thought judgment difficult to find…they are usually lengthy, technical, & difficult to assimilate.

youngerhealthier.com., fills desperate need for a wide ranging assessment and straight, easily understood guidance. The real PLUS? Close association with Google results in no nonsense real time interest and interactive excitement!

Robert Gardner – Written to Help!