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Gut Dysbiosis


Gut Dysbiosis…I have written many articles on our second brain….the gut! See: Importance of Good Gut Bacteria; For so long we thought that the large intestine absorbed water and disposed of waste….many in the medical fraternity still have this stilted view! But it is really our second brain…It is an organ of its own! A complex microbial ecosystem and fascinating!

Interesting fact: that one gram of fiber actually creates about 2 grams of stool! Reason: the phenomenal bacterial growth caused by the mere presence of fiber! The trillions of bacteria cause that extra weight! Remember it’s vegetables and fruit…NOT fruit juice…the fructose of fruit must be entwined with the fiber! Short chain fatty acids are the result….. these are excellent fighters of inflammation and cancer. When we eat our North American trash of processed foods, and excessive protein consumption, endless sugar, and non-organics, there is little for our gut flora to feed off, and the results are often exactly the wrong types of bacteria in our gut…negatives big time.

Our North American diet that we are busy merchandising to the rest of the world, leaves little for our bacteria to thrive…this results in…Gut Dysbiosis.

The bad bacteria then take over, and we subject ourselves to all the negatives of inflammatory diseases, leaky gut, colitis and Crohn’s…backdrops: metabolic syndrome problems, or as I now prefer to say, Insulin Resistance Syndrome…resulting issues: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mitochondrial negatives… that as we discuss under Otto Warburg, that brilliant two time Nobel Prize winner, is a fundamental to understanding propensity to cancer at an elemental and cellular level. Its not difficult and for example, just eating, half a cup of chickpeas daily in itself can jump our microbiome. There are excellent probiotic products out there and Joseph Mercola is one great source! If you or your children have been on antibiotics…remember your microbiome  is not only ‘hit in the gut’ for several weeks, but desperately, for fast recovery, needs seeding! My advice…take a probiotic everyday anyway to prevent Gut Dysbiosis. Remember that those populations that eat five times more fiber, have 50 times less colon cancer! Also see: The Essence of Mediterranean Diets.