Shatner & Healthy Lifestyle

    Shatner & Healthy Lifestyle
    Shatner & Healthy Lifestyle

    William Shatner is indefatigable…ever since Star Trek he has taken off…now 85..young! secrets in my view…always busy…writer, director, lecturer, actor, this Canadian always on move, new projects but keeps it simple…in fact quite healthy eater…vegetables, fruit…rides and breeds horses regularly…stable home life…seemingly stressless…conscious of weight…but a little overweight! good genes! Long time age thought to attract inevitable high blood pressure, heart disease, and ‘no no’ of high cholesterol. Harvard Health have recently confirmed, that healthy lifestyle choices on ‘modifiable factors’, is effective. Shatner seems to conform! Dropping risk of heart attack by as much as 90%. I wish this could have benefited my cousin, who died in Australia, where the prevailing culture emphasized meat… For instance, a large steak with your eggs for breakfast! He was like a brother, and probably under long term stress to boot. Confirmed our family overly vulnerable to heart issues. Shatner eats meat, but he compensates…and believe stress free! Now…Shatner & Healthy Lifestyle

    What is a healthy lifestyle? And what are modifiable factors? Shatner & Healthy Lifestyle?

    Obviously smoking should be eliminated…. but the proper implementation of diet and exercise is dramatic. Essentially all this falls into the metabolic syndrome class, and of issues to avoid mainly involving inflammation and resulting autoimmunity. The percentages all tend to be the same! Diabetes….again 90% reduction following a healthy life style…Strokes about the same. These % gains are consistent and overwhelmingly can be summarized as conquering inflammation which is our killer. If we can add the switch from glucose burning, that I rate as a dirty burn, to fat burning, which is a clean metabolic burn, all the pieces conjoin!

    For life timetable efficiency, try to naturally fit exercise, one modifiable factor, into your daily routine. Once accomplished, it’s the battle half won! What simpler way than ride to work….or park and ride! If you are in rain belt like Vancouver walk undercover and public transportation! Great incentive, is a Fitbit. I wear this 24 hour monitor, and it is a motivator…but William Shatner does not need that…he is naturally motivated at 85! Shatner & Healthy Lifestyle.