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Age IS Health Marker. SOLUTION? Revitalize Stem Cells!

Age IS Health Marker. SOLUTION? Revitalize Stem Cells!
Age IS Health Marker. SOLUTION? Revitalize Stem Cells!

Amazing and disturbing podcast of Ivor Cumming and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick and their rhetorical question? They, the medical world out there, Surely cannot all be wrong? But, yes, it seems there are self-perpetuating beliefs and unfortunately, research is mainly ‘sponsored’… meaning self-serving!

Ivor Cummins, inductive thinker, acutely aware of confusions in health issues. Affects 99% of physicians and academics! But even Ivor is missing one OVERWHELMING modality! Almost eliminates AGE as a marker (red flag) for all kinds of risks. Everything turns, and ultimately, relates to STEM CELL health.

Otherwise, AGE, BECOMES AND IS MARKER for a dramatic general increase in mortality risk.

AGE a MARKER! and Negative!

Automatically AGE is negative! Even with these two luminaries. No spoken exception! AT ALL! For instance: Heart Disease or Circulatory Issues, THE MARKER assumption IS simply Age. Representing significant increase % for fatality and illness!

Age even marker in hospitals and emergencies. AND for refusal of treatment or procedures!

Real Biological and biochemical Reasoning supporting this marker of AGE? It is our cellular health! As we age, everything cellular progressively tougher and sluggish!

Older persons seem more immobile. Cognitive decline seems more apparent!

Outer aging symptoms: commonplace.
Driving habits seem slow and arcane! Exercise seems to be a past factor. Even unspoken out of favor, or even appropriate.
Old now in the workplace almost a uniform ‘sideline’ and almost bothersome factor! Often forcing early retirement. Consequential handover of reins to younger, more virile, energetic persons.
Even their language and slang speech characteristics seemingly out of date!
But tragically this lack of energy often factual. Eating habits frequently poor. Relationships with significant others under stress. Particularly if one partner is younger! Unlike Asia no natural respect Age. It’s the complete converse!
So in North America. Music tastes apparently almost always arcane. Friends rapidly depleting! Loneliness high risk, and on a rapid increase. Particularly without loving family.
Bureaucratically, there’s an awful assumption driving license removal is preferable for general safety! The onus is then against Seniors!

There IS one avoidance for all this! Age IS Health Marker. SOLUTION? Revitalize Stem Cells!

Stem Cells for Health and Longevity! Is in fact, with proper careful application, a complete answer! Negative of AGE as a marker just disappears!

SIMPLE, just increase, as we age, our stem cell activity!
Instead of stem cells multiplying at a miserly few thousand a month, make them miraculously approach that of an infant!
Read my Longevity and Stem Cell articles.
Then accompany with the many modalities for optimization. Strangely important, is an avoidance of critical deficits!
For instance: Vitamin D! Manganese! Potassium! Vitamin C, B12, B6 even! AND PROCESSED FOODS! (Invariably HFCSs)
Avoidance of overwhelming toxins! Unusual ones like Mold! Iron in case of men! Lead! Plastics! That white substance Sugar!
Minimize Carbohydrates! Maximize Good Fats! The list is comprehensive. Even utilize Intermittent Fasting techniques!

But the OPTIMUM Five Day Water Fast, as I repeatedly discuss, is magical!

Health return for that brief time period of time for stem cells is really miraculous!

You become so vigorous, and positive in health, longevity repercussions so gigantic!

No longer can that senior who utilizes Water Fasting be automatically counted as Marker simply for AGE!

No! Age IS Health Marker. SOLUTION? Revitalize Stem Cells! Then age itself should become almost redundant!