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‘Flu Season Again!

Flu Season Again!
Flu Season Again!

What to do? Everywhere signs to get the ‘Flu’ shot…in the States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) almost gives no alternative! There seems to be a paranoia about vaccination, and ‘flu shots are included. This despite in certain seasons, an admission that the effectiveness can be as little as 10%! But unfortunately this information fails to transmit to the willing receptor of that ‘oh so necessary shot”..? Similarly the information of the very fact of a ‘flu vaccine itself, may increase the risk of contracting a more serious infection, this is particularly relevant for children! Troubling is that those on Statins may be compromised from the effectiveness of the shot in that the Statin may undermine the supposed immunity…how often does one’s doctor inform on this, given a huge % on Statins over the age of 45 (one in three?) ‘Flu Season Again!

But what really worries me is that there seems no argument that each successive flu shot makes the effectiveness of the actual shot less. Those that have not been vaccinated for five years have a far greater chance of the shot actually working against a ‘flu! ‘Flu Season Again!

Other six reasons I am particularly circumspect are as follows: 1) The actual components of the vaccines are worrying, and may amount to a whole year of maximum recommended exposure to mercury. If a mercury preservative is used and this coupled with an aluminum adjuvant…the combination is neurotoxic. The result can cause immunity and brain function issues. 2) A ‘flu vaccine may also pose an immediate risk to the cardiovascular system…something close to my ‘heart’ given my family history! This risk may cause abnormalities in arterial function and LDL oxidation for some weeks! 3) a further additional issues…vaccines can trigger allergy reactions simply because of the injection! 4) one’s immune system generally may be compromised by laboratory altered vaccine viruses. 5) Sometimes autoimmunity issues are triggered in some..not good for leaky gut, or rheumatoid sufferers! 6) vaccines can alter T-cell function triggering chronic illness! Well enough! Flu Season Again!

Taking a paleolithic view, Vitamin D deficiency may actually be the root cause of ‘flu, and our so called ‘flu season, in any event…we are all mostly deficient, and the season in my mind is not a coincidence! So a combination of Vitamin D, K2, Magnesium and Calcium & coenzyme 10 (C0Q10).. one or two pills… is good thinking. Similarly emphasize Omega 3 and deemphasize Omega 6. and no transfats! Take a Krill oil tablet as a protection! An inexpensive ultra violet lamp that is available through our partnership with Amazon, for some limited sunlight with the clouds around us…a good idea! AND easly to say avoid Stress!! Here Exercise helps and may also generally improve the immune system. Finally avoid sugars and processed foods, and also hospitals, unless really necessary! ‘Flu Season Again!