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Avoid Deficits…is Grounding One?

Avoid Deficits…is Grounding One?
Avoid Deficits…is Grounding One?

Avoid Health Deficits...Grounding One? Great example of health management to avoid deficits! Without base levels vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients, exercise, sunlight, movement…aside from avoidance what can damage….such as certain lectins, grains, metals, toxins, plastics, GMOs, poisons…you name it! Years ago Captain Cook, during his voyages that included Hawaii, discovered importance of vegetables and fruit for his crew…hence arose expression ‘Limey’…My opinion: the ultimate triumph of vitamin C sufficiency (thus avoidance of scurvy) gave British Navy world superiority, once Admiralty overcame class prejudice to Captain Cook’s working class origins! That’s real reason Admiral Lord Nelson able to outgun the French fleet at Trafalgar…some three broadsides to one! Massive proportion of population today suffer Vitamin D deficiency (as opposed to C!)…analogous result! Major factor Metabolic Syndrome disease….may override other health positive efforts!

Difficulty is research topics compartmentalized. An overview with background needed to assess particular disciplines, then cross reference other research to coordinate and integrate into sensible health conclusion. Avoid Health Deficits…Grounding One?

Also bureaucracies there to protect us usually utterly wrong! Understanding negative power of lobbies…particularly pharmaceuticals, foods, medical, agriculture, AND NOW cellular monoliths for frankness electro-magnetic field (EMF) dangers. Finally effective communication! … to convey understandable message and fast! That’s our role!

Grounding effectively reduces inflammation..Clint Ober explains white blood cells when encapsulating damaged cells, destroys those cells by releasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) that rips out their electrons…BUT IF insufficient free electrons to reduce remaining radicals, an otherwise healthy cell will lose it’s electron and thereby cause a negative chain reaction, just for containment.  Also Grounding thins blood, by strengthening negative electrical surface charge on red blood cells. This improves ability to repel each other and allows easier capillary flow…huge cardiovascular benefit and protection. Also body cell water molecules are actually charged! Water inside cell interfaces with outside cell water that has opposite charge called battery effect! This optimizes our ability transmit vital electric signals for heart and blood flow. Finally Sunlight and Infra Red radiation all interact with our electrical components triggering protective pathways! Earth, always electron-rich and serves as powerful supply of antioxidant free radical-busting electrons so long as we are grounded. Avoid Health Deficits…Grounding One?