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Weight Loss Fiction!


The more exposeure to this issue, the more I go back to Paleolithic principles. The human, with its’ brilliant inherited DNA, that we now know…depending on lifestyle…may be ‘expressed’ and ‘uplinked’ to compensate for supposed inherited disadvantages….has developed, NOT over the time of ‘society’…that is when we came together with serious interactive communities, ie. the era of cultivation, and livestock management,…say the last 10,000 years!…BUT over EONS. Two million years…at most…for fire use…cooking and enabling food transition, through heat, to be consumed with chemistry change. Add another 6 million years to that, of eeking existence, to survive just long enough to pass on that DNA! From mainly plant, fruit, roots, and maybe some animal protein, such as grubs, birds’ eggs, ‘perhaps’ some raw meat…but RARE…in both senses of the word!! Present…constant movement, exercise, intense sometimes!…BUT short window for food consumption. Daylight! Reality…Perpetual Ketosis…see my other blogs! This means a Fat metabolism and NOT Glucose…which is the bane of our North American Society…soon to be, thanks to our Processed Food Industry, WORLDWIDE! Weight Loss Fiction!

Result: a society that is MAINLY, perpetually, borderline diabetic, and continuously insulin spiking…condition which now call perpetual ‘Insulin Resistance Syndrome‘ state. Disastrous Mitochondrial results. Our ancestors, little weight…but they were Ketotic! Reality shows… Greatest Weight loss..pain of intensive exercise to primarily drive the result…on backside we suspect after experience, most just regain. Contracts usually suppress this kind of discussion!

Reality is that heavy exercise even promotes Metabolic Compensation! Weight Loss Fiction!

This means… so tired, one just sits around… long bath, quick lie down, sitting around on Facebook, CellPhone…victim of today’s continuous, instant, and SESSILE communication mode! That means metabolism actually slows down, all that hard work for naught! Just a few nibbles! the net calorie intake goes up. Example: McDonalds Hamburger, Fries… equals that one hour intense exercise! Without Ketosis, a continual fight for appetite control, insulin spikes, and resulting disaster. Take a look at the U Tube comment on the Hadza in Africa…their lifestyle…much closer to advocated Paleolithic scene…With fantastic consequences! Conclusion from them..You CANNOT Exercise your way out of a bad Diet! Get that right… and implement Partial Fasting…You should never look back! Weight Loss Fiction!