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Vitamin Deficiencies.

Vitamin Deficiencies
Vitamin Deficiencies

Many of our Vitamin Deficiencies Today, can be handled by adjustments to diet and daily behavior…North American lifestyle unfortunately drives us to compensate. Let us follow up from article Insulin Resistance Syndrome.

This reminds me of the 17th Century as an example, when if was realized by a few, what was the real cause of scurvy. A delayed recognition by the bureaucratic class ridden establishment…they despised Captain Cook socially!… I think dictated resulting empires….Britain was the first to adapt, and as a result ‘ruled the waves’ and ultimately most of the world!…their men-of- war, with fully complemented crews….called limeys, compared to the miserable condition of French and Spanish crews!

Encourage a predominant vegetable based diet for many reasons; but am skeptical at the extreme end. Vitamin Deficiencies.

For example vegans really have to be careful not to fall into nutritional default, and my mother was a victim this way. Paleolithic heritage we were omnivorous…so that meant fish and meat…and remember it was organic! This important when statistics are used today! When this protein came our way, was fair ‘game’. It is just that we were predominantly, and by necessity, vegetarian scavengers. Remember our DNA developed over millions of years. The following are serious health precepts. Vitamin D3, I have already called this our modern day history repeat of Vitamin C’s 17th. century saga…most North Americans deficient, vegetarians run greater risk. D3 found in meats, fatty fish, and egg yolks….but sunlight best source! Increase vitamin K2, concomitant with D3. They work in tandem to slow arterial calcification, and vitamin K2 deficiency is actually what produces the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity, which includes inappropriate calcification that can lead to hardening of the arteries. Important maintain balance between vitamin D, vitamin K2, calcium, and magnesium. Lack of balance between these nutrients is why calcium supplements associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Other Deficiencies related to this area…Animal-Based Omega-3 DHA… found in wild fish, krill and sardines. AND finally, whilst we are about it…Spectrum Vitamin Bs and particularly Vitamin B12…the energy vitamin, which one in four American adults seem deficient!