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Comprehensive Fasting Strategy for Health Protection?

Comprehensive Fasting Strategy for Health Protection?
Comprehensive Fasting Strategy for Health Protection?

My somewhat dilemma right now is the implementation of a four to five day water fast and the simultaneous risk of exposure to a variant virus. The risk coinciding at a point of maximum autophagy and stem cell destruction during the fast. Theoretically this is maximized in the fourth and fifth days!

I do not want to lose the incredible advantages of having built up a fasting routine to provide the very protection needed for health and viral resistance!

Somehow I believe one’s general healthy antagonism to viral infection and that bodily memory is still contained!

The huge advantages of stem cell proliferation and past autophagy are worth it!

Plus I do not cease supplementation that is a complementary key to overall viral resistance.

Am talking Vitamin D Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, CoQ10, and a certain amount of Antioxidants such as Quercetin and Anstaxanthin even Alpha Lipoic Acid!

Somewhat cynical as to many aspects of this Pandemic!

Always been concerned as to effectiveness of masking outdoors!

where in my opinion it is extremely unlikely that the virus will inhaled.

not about to insult those convinced as to masking and readily don a mask for indoors!

The origins of the virus are always suspect and WHO investigation respecting Wuhan also askance!

There is no question that the initial Coronavirus strain which I saw as not much different than that of a serious flu onslaught, and the numbers eventually suggested.

Herd immunity in Vancouver could have been far more significant than any acknowledge due to the heavy Asian population and then interconnecting flights to Wuhan!

My children, grandchildren and myself all had three or four day symptoms but soon recovered!

It’s a lack of convenient and accurate testing here that prevents us from knowing for sure.

But what troubles me somewhat is the WHO Pandemic declaration and the now intent to vaccinate the world with varying vaccines!

Vaccinations have their place. For those tried and true and anticipatory (in other words not into a world pandemic) for prevention there is obviously benefit. Even the lottery of ‘flu vaccines have their place!

But now we are entering the compulsory world of vaccinations. They are all prescribed on an emergency basis.

Are these vaccinations going to stamp out the virus?

My immediate gut says no and already the original virus has mutated. .

A virus can adapt into a new strain in ten hours. There is no way these vaccinations can anticipate this.

We have a danger of never catching up. It is like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice or a whirlwind of activity to no effect and probably huge detriment.

The Spanish flu burnt itself out without a world Pandemic by 1920…

I see increasing variants and never-ending new infections.  But the spikes and variants will continue and people will become sick, and new variants likely. Let us hope for best! Comprehensive Fasting Strategy for Health Protection?