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Nina Teicholz Puzzles Fats!

Nina Teicholz Puzzles Fats!
Nina Teicholz Puzzles Fats!

Nina Teicholz Puzzles Fats!…excellent publication Big Fat Surprise 9 years in the making! Prior last century, cooking used tallow (cows), lard (pigs). Now butter (cows) becoming acceptable, but organic and grass fed if possible!…Trans fats started 1911 with Proctor & Gamble’s ‘Crisco’ hardened vegetable oil…. in essence hydrogenated fat…birth margarine. 1940 s discovery turning hydrogenated vegetable oils into liquids…done with fatty acid structure ‘meddling’! This was BIRTH liquid vegetable oils!..starting Canola and Wesson. Today includes includes Peanut, Corn, Sunflower, and Soy, all polyunsaturated(PUFAs) fatty acids...but also note: may have GE and Glyphosate issues!. AND Today we eat 100,000 times more vegetable oils! The largest food habit change increase! Trans fats are slightly different creatures, & finally recognized bureaucratically as dangerous… interfering with basic cellular function.

However the Trans fats outlawing seems for wrong reasons, associated to Cholesterol and LDLs…however the resulting compulsory warning advice and labeling has driven their death knell!…BUT now restaurants have reverted big time to the ‘new’ vegetable oils! These unfortunately massively and dangerously degrade with the heat from cooking, results production damaging oxidative aldehydes…maybe even worse than Trans Fats! Classic Metabolic Syndrome consequences…all the bad diseases including cancer.

ALSO vegetable oils seem potentially causative neuro-degeneration…means for me ‘yellow card’ respecting Dementia & Alzheimer’s. Example of yet another ‘item’ that can be ticked in what I want to create that is multi- attack against Alzheimer’s to overcome apparent continual impotence of today’s drugs. Nina Teicholz Puzzles Fats!

Back to fats…1961 initiation thanks to influence food industry, in particular big sugar. Consequence Carbohydrates considered good and Fats bad! An Ancel Keys influential and a power house disaster who affected generations! Nina suggests reversion to cooking with original full fats…and also use of plant full fats: Palm and Coconut oils… additionally she says full organic grass fed milks and animal cheeses…such as goat and sheep, are really fantastic…as there is always risk to vegans and vegetarians losing out on vitamin content of nutrient dense foods containing vitamins B6 and B12, Also we all need to re balance monounsaturated omega 6 and omega-3 fats to omega-3! use krill, anchovies and wild salmon! another good fat but unsaturated is Avocado… Nina Teicholz Puzzles Fats!