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Alcohol Our Social Killer!

Alcohol Our Social Killer!
Alcohol Our Social Killer!

For years willing victim of social drinking…enjoyed after work beer…along came wine cult! Vacations: France! Italy! States! Napa Valley, emergence British Columbia’s Okanagen & Osoyos wines! Rumors Health benefits, culture of tastings, ‘culture’ and cellars! Legal confusion…restrictions children, easing of restrictions…official implied endorsement & recognition…sidewalk cafes…even medical endorsements. All dangerous! Governments too much vested interest in taxation revenues.! Far worse than the cigarette debacle! Alcohol Our Social Killer!

Signs of change and concern: 1. U.S. Surgeon General’s Report that US substance abuse skyrocketing, including alcohol abuse. 2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): acute alcohol toxic poisoning…(not counting long term negatives!) kills six every day. 3. World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified alcohol as Group 1 carcinogen, their highest risk category. 4. Cambridge University’s MRS Laboratory of Molecular Biology found buildup acetaldehyde when too much alcohol for body to handle. 5. American Cancer Society warns just few drinks week can increases risk breast cancer. 6. National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates 1 in 12 Americans abuse alcohol or dependent. 7. Alcoholism third leading lifestyle-related cause of death in U.S.

Under 4. Mice given ethanol and chromosome & DNA sequencing showed genetic damage from acetaldedhyde metabolism. Dr. Ketan Patel commented that damage their data revealed: “We saw huge amounts of DNA damage in these cells. Bits of DNA were deleted, bits were broken and we even saw parts of chromosomes being moved about and rearranged.”…drinking alcohol increases risk 7 types cancer and proportion due to this DNA damage other than chance! Study showed positive of some humans can protect themselves from acetaldehyde from our enzymes reducing to acetate…utilizable for energy in cells BUT many do not have these enzymes…

example Southeast Asian origin causing greater DNA damage and that tell tale flushed face! Alcohol Our Social Killer!

But Partel summarizes carcinogen properties there anyway and risks despite enzymes!…number alcohol cancer related deaths increase… 62% in 12 years…5.8% 2015. worldwide! Think of number hospital beds occupied from alcohol related issues! The cost! another bankrupting factor to health care!! & indirectly aided and abetted by our governments! Remember alcohol carbohydrate, therefore contributes to our obesity crisis! Saving grace…have exercised all those years and indication this is somewhat an offset! Alcohol Our Social Killer!