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Mary Tyler Moore Stress Killer?


One of my icons of the 60s and 70s was Mary Tyler Moore. She crusaded the path for women in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Outward appearances epitomized a magic life of success and happiness. But her recent death and candor about those close to her, has refocused for all of us, negative health causation. Moore had her serving of them. She was a diabetic one, having to take insulin at 33. Maybe a genetic disposition in her DNA, but very likely an extremely stressful upbringing as a young child. Now thanks to serial studies, particularly coming out of Britain, stress surrounding children in early years of upbringing, predisposes them, by multiples, to later diabetes, heart problems, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  It is probably a chronic, endemic, inflammatory response at a mitochondrial level…but a disaster! Today, couple this stress on children, with environmental stress: from processed foods, toxins, chemicals, electronic exposure, lack of movement and exercise. Add poor balanced diets, particularly with sugars and net carbohydrates. Even lack of exposure to bacteria at a young age to gain natural resistance…cumulatively, ticking time bomb. Mary Tyler Moore Stress Killer.

My heart went out to Mary Tyler Moore, as the ravages of diabetes, multiplied by lifelong, negative environmental factors, even smoking, took effect. After childhood stress, she then suffered the untangling of difficult marriages. The loss of her good looking son to a terrible accident, and mirrored in one of her movies (Ordinary People)…awful for her to bear.

Her life a message that she would not want lost. Particularly parents wanting the best for children, but trapped by our unnatural, paleolithic foreign, ‘way of life’. Mary Tyler Moore Stress Killer.

Antidotes that we can deploy? Perhaps that preschool better than at home! Young children exposed to dirt, maybe a good thing! Electronic exposure dangerous…at least avoid the cellphone contact directly with the brain! Outdoors really great! Natural Vitamin D with sun exposure, movement, exercise, the concept of parental attachment to children. and overcoming that instinct to push them away! Then of course diet, something this Web tries to impart succinctly! Mary Tyler Moore Stress Killer.