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Sickness & Health Conquered!

Wim Hof Iceman
Wim Hof Iceman

Arrival of sulfa & antibiotics, just in time World War 2…contrast infections World War 1 where 50,000 soldiers killed and with advent sulfa and penicillin World War 2 with twice number of soldiers only 1265 died!!…after all originally penicillin discovery of Alexander Flemming England!…only before World War 2 did it get serious attention in Oxford. However it needed American pharma and industrial ‘know-how’ to produce penicillin mold in volume just in time for D-Day…and may have turned the tide of war just as vitamin C may have done for Lord Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar!..nevertheless having to ‘make do’ with prescriptions for M & B, or specifically sulfa drugs… then the only available really available antibiotic alternative in England.

Even remember as small boy in England, heralding of antibiotics… even Winston Churchill, prone to infections with smoking, drinking and weight, had to combat serious pneumonia infection using M & B in 1943 in Middle East and not penicillin that was then short supply and recycled from urine and risky! But now Iceman…Sickness & Health Conquered!

Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviewed Wim Hof (below), she explains why physiological factors of his cryo-therapeutics assists disease resistance. Heat Shock Proteins.. perhaps better called ‘cold’ shock proteins!…incredible…literally ‘turns on’ DNA pathways… result creation Hormesis…our bodies have adapted to benefiting from small doses of what originally is harmful…Wim Hof phenomena now caused science community to become believers! Iceman…Sickness & Health Conquered!

Suspect that Wim’s apparent wizardry…through disciplined breathing, and graduated cold exposure, increase in brown fat….production of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine hormones released by adrenal medulla and nervous system respectively, and alkaline increase in blood pH….all creates positive chain reaction, particularly mitochondrial…  ultimate effect of increase immunity. Fleetingly discuss diet, because here most have weakness, without  compensatory positives, such as evidenced by Wim. Having watched hours his footage suspect Wim has broad based diet and enjoys glass or two of wine! Also suspect he is not excessive… personally convinced fine tuning here important. Alcohol a serious carcinogen and generally negative… and a primarily plant based diet huge advantages gut…where we have 70% to 80% our immunity! Iceman…Sickness & Health Conquered!