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Saffron Fights Alzheimer’s!

Saffron Fights Alzheimer's!
Saffron Fights Alzheimer's!

Saffron Fights Alzheimer’s! In quest to assemble a series of individual separate disciplines for those in fear of Dementia and Alzheimer’s can administer…I continually find passive applications that really do not take much trouble or for that matter cost…for example: there are several categories of spices, demonstrating real resonance and effectiveness. Not just for lifestyle prevention and health, but for flat out treatment and apparent reversal, even seemingly in those serious cases that are progressed beyond early stage. In other words: Great ‘blue sky’ for both those unfortunate to be ‘at risk’ AND those already ‘suffering’ categories… and what fantastic news for their families sometimes at ‘wits end’, both dealing with the devastating disease, and affording it!

My ambition: to consolidate all these myriad individual pluses and positives that I have researched from a plethora of varying sources….all into one ‘collective tool box’. This would then represent not just ‘ammunition’…as here…but massive ‘bombardment’… could be in turn a devastating onslaught for fighting Dementia and Alzheimer’s…both prevention and treatment, also parallel or separate from the administration of drugs.

I have included Dr. Michael Greger video on the Saffron research…one point loud and clear…besides stark relative impotence of drug therapy, there is the huge advantage of no side risks or serious reactions that come with drugs! Saffron Fights Alzheimer’s!

Saffron is mainly a product of Iran…about 90%!..which may be fortunate otherwise the incentive government to fund research just missing! Parallel with New Zealand research and their Kiwi fruit! Really seems that the Amyloid Plaques and Tangles are tackled by a product called Crocin…which is the ‘red’ colour of Saffron. For years Persian traditional medicine has echoed the beneficial effects of Saffron for brain health. The recent research results though are amazing, in that Saffron seems a better performer than Memantine, the drug used for advanced Alzheimer’s cases. The earlier parallel was also better performer than Donepezil, the medication used for mild to moderate Dementia and Alzheimer’s cases. Again without the potential side effects. This is one natural DNA offset…Saffron Fights Alzheimer’s!