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Hormesis Helps Dementia, Alzheimer’s!

Homesis Helps Dementia, Alzheimer's!
Homesis Helps Dementia, Alzheimer's!

Depending progression of Dementia, depends how aggressive ‘attack’ using concepts other than drug therapy…sometimes certain beneficial regimens, not easily implemented physically…example: HIIT exercise! Positive disciplines, more proactive, may no longer be practical. Quiver arrows consists active and passive modules! Fantastic is that: Hormesis Helps Dementia, Alzheimer’s! is passivity sauna or Hyperthermic stress..and sounds pleasant…although done right that is misnomer!

Mitochondrial growth or biogenesis…bluntly, key Longevity and Health…is that DNA pathways we have inherited, at great evolutionary cost, are triggered, almost on knife edge for right amount of ‘stress’ to our bodies! These are stress response pathways that we as humans just fail to sufficiently utilize. Ridiculous? It’s our so called ‘sophisticated’, societal way of life! This Hormesis, reaction to stressors and plant content and minerals. Plant phytonutrients, invariably are ‘ward off plant protections’ that we have adapted to, and utilize…accomplishment of eons!

German philosopher Nietzsche said: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger..” and in many ways that is so apt when considering this Mitochondrial World!.. Hormesis Helps Dementia Alzheimer’s!

BUT similarly exposure extreme temperatures actually serves as health benefit catalyst! Personally, and not seen explicitly in research, but makes abject sense, combine hot & cold, resulting in Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) and we could call Cold Shock Proteins…but really HSP, as result of cold! Let’s just discuss Sauna! We have about 35 trillion cells BUT up to 1000 times more mitochondria…mitochondrial biogenesis implemented through pathway that sauna ( 3 biogenesis available disciplines pecking order of effectiveness: 1:cold, 2:heat, and 3:exercise!) can stimulate…called peroxisome proliferator-activated recepto-gamma coactivator or 1 alpha (PGC-1 alpha)! Hormesis is fine tuning of short bursts of stress…even extends to stress from fasting and antioxidants, that should be used with that discretion in mind…in other words not continuously and unremittingly! Heat, Cold…huge advantage of prevention atrophy skeletal muscle …as ironically opposed to HIIT…leave interval of at least hour if exercising…before Sauna, to optimize this characteristic. Both Heat and Cold also produce noreprinephrine.  Objective..for Dementia is active prevention vascular plaque formation and in brain. Hormesis Helps Dementia Alzheimer’s!