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Unstoppable Vaccinations Prolong Pandemic Through Variant Strains?

Unstoppable Vaccinations Prolong Pandemic Through Variant Strains?
Unstoppable Vaccinations Prolong Pandemic Through Variant Strains?

I feel betwixt and between on vaccinations! When I listen to a credible virologist (see video below) who has an understanding of the overall picture I worry. In other words he is not just an expert in his own ‘raindrop’ that is the problem with most experts!

This man is pro-vaccination. But when I listen intently he is saying there is a time when that is appropriate!

It seems a prior vaccine is one planned ahead of time and may give immunity once the virus hits the population. We see this in the classic ‘flu vaccines. The irony is that it’s arguable as to the effectiveness of the flu vaccine lottery when trying to anticipe the next ‘flu virus about a year plus ahead of time when the experts usually get it wrong.

We have by then already taken the vaccine and the adjuvant and acknowledged redundant vaccine protection is already in our body!

The Spanish Flu’ of World War 1 took a toll on immune compromised soldiers. That was the reason German under nourished and half starving soldiers suffered such a comparatively huge death toll.

This is in contrast to more resistant healthy, and suddenly millions of US soldiers entering the war, dramatically turned the tide of that war! Indeed it resulted in sudden and rapid capitulation of a previously militarily victorious German and Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

Herd immunity was established for the Spanish ‘flu after a couple of years.

Resurgence of the virus and its variants was naturally controlled by immune systems with memories of previous encounters.

It was a natural self-limiting viral infection.

A PRIOR vaccine, if one was available, (and it was not!), (and targeted) may have had some preventive effect.

Today we have DURING a pandemic, now decided to vaccinate the world. In order for the vaccine to do better than a natural pandemic such as 1918, it would need to expedite herd immunity.
BUT this is the EXACT opposite to what is happening now!
The Covid vaccines are NOT able to prevent the spread by vaccine recipients exposed to the emerging, evolving, and highly infectious variant strains.
This is PREVENTING herd immunity! First during the vaccination period there is an added immune liability. But let’s get beyond that.
Those that get vaccinated before Covid-19 exposure are no longer controlling virus replication and transmission.
This is because the variants are infecting the population. This is different from the one designed and composed in the vaccine!
The virus just evades the vaccinal antibody response.

The sad epilogue is that new and variant vaccines are no match for a virus that can adjust itself in hours. Vaccinating the world may mean the global population will likely have to deal with a worse version of the virus and a worse health care situation than earlier in the pandemic. Also what really troubles me is that those vaccinated may be worse off and more vulnerable. What a disaster! Unstoppable Vaccinations Prolong Pandemic?