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Powerful 15 Min Workout Nitric Oxide Benefit?

Powerful 15 Min Workout Nitric Oxide Benefit?
Powerful 15 Min Workout Nitric Oxide Benefit?

These days with umpteen changing restrictions on gyms and tight schedules, it is important to maintain a daily exercise routine.

I know someone playing badminton two or three times a week. Amount of time per session some two hours with breaks and intervals. Advantage there is the competition almost making the athletic effort unnoticeable.

But what to do on the non-badminton days? One can elect for walks, even take favorite  pet dog for that stroll. However the problem it is that this is NOT a cardio workout.

  • The benefits of stress upon our bodies are innumerable.
  • Evolutionary stress was myriad. Over millennia (millions of years, not just the last 20,000!) we are survivors.
  • Our human social environment with bountiful processed foods completely foreign to our predecessors.
  • The key is to simulate the hormesis and stress despite our pent up and unhealthy society.

Here we come to a combination of factors over and above Hormesis! The adaptation of workouts to try to include for instance a Nitric Oxide download…and here, in simplistic terms, we should try to breathe through the nose during recovery or even whilst under aerobic stress!

I have included a Youtube video below that is fully adaptable and also applicable for both men and women. There is no point in expecting a rapid adaptation for example for female full push ups in the male style. Here I completely disagree with the so called all inclusive entry barrier for physical testing for both males and females to a common standard. Examples, except with ‘enlightened’ forces, are Police and Fire and Military tests.

  • Best to have stop watch or second hand visible so that the times of thirty seconds for each interval are about right.
  • If you count the changes in type of exercise there are five.
  • One can modify these somewhat to change muscle groups and add interest.
  • This instructor is good at doing this and one can see that she has a guide on time with a stop watch clock in the corner.
  • Use a second hand on a stop watch or wrist watch!
  • After a while one can almost instinctively ‘guestimate’ thirty seconds.
  • if doing so you will probably find that the fifteen minutes will increase by even some five minutes!

So the key is to prepare by reviewing each exercise and the nuances and then hit it!

One final tip is that ideally one needs more than one nitric oxide infusion per day. So on those days when deploying this technique try to space out maybe a session morning and afternoon. You need more than three hours between sessions for maximizing the benefits! Powerful 15 Min Workout Nitric Oxide Benefit?