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Proven Nasal Breathing & Positive Attitude!

Proven Nasal Breathing & Positive Attitude!
Proven Nasal Breathing & Positive Attitude!

Dr. Mercola has for a long time emphasized nasal breathing both in and out. He goes to great lengths to explain the biochemistry involved. A review of all this now seems overwhelming in favor of nasal breathing.

The other bad habit I personally have is actually not breathing! I catch myself frequently now in a state of holding my breath for whatever subconscious reason. It is amazing how now realizing the importance of using one’s nose for both breathing in AND out seems to have, based on evolutionary inheritance, a beneficial cellular effect.

The immediate benefit seems to involve a NO (short for Nitric Oxide Dump).

This dilates blood vessels and allows for movement in that important vascular area both in and around the heart.

In tandem with NO release are genetic expressions. The key it seems is to accomplish at least two NO dumps to use Mercola’s expression, a day and preferably three.

However, it is important to leave at least three hours between those exercise sessions accomplishing the ‘dump’.

The indirect cellular benefits also seem to be quite substantial. This after all is where it all happens!

I believe that with proper breathing, my upper chest would have developed better through my growing years. Also, my posture would have naturally been better and maintained throughout the years.

How to develop better breathing?

After a careful analysis in this area have decided that a Hypoxia exercise but on the exhalation side is the optimal benefit.

Personally try to accomplish exhalation to the point where lungs are empty and continual walking and up to some 70 paces.

BUT then the inhalation that is almost desperate must be THROUGH the nose and OUT THROUGH the nose.

This takes some training! I started at some 40 paces and can now go to some 70.

The converse of BREATHING IN fully and holding I think of limited and marginal benefit.

Now to posture itself. It is amazing how self-deprecating some of us are. Those with a professional and academic bent, seem to regard that slight stoop with reverence (myself included). Now I am 100% the opposite.

For example: When walking, start with empty lungs. First use slight diaphragm use for breathing in, then almost immediately sideways with the rib cage, and breathe right in using nose.

Then cycle breathing out through the nose to repeat. Keep head posture parallel to the ground, with chin level.

Then posture naturally improves. Shoulders naturally settle into a better posture.

This is a real benefit to avoids a stooped academic look. Unfortunately the ‘bain’ of many scholars and professionals. They even affect the look!

Finally a personal comment: The most important result achieved almost implicit with the right posture. The twin seems to achieve the right ‘attitude’. Confidence exuded begets confidence internally. Watch the reaction of others to you! Particularly in North America, confidence and positiveness are given a lot of respect! Perhaps some countries such as Britain respect some humbleness. Not so here!

Proven Nasal Breathing & Positive Attitude!