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Microbiome and Fiber

Microbiome and Fiber
Microbiome and Fiber

I’ve written many times before regarding our microbiome, where the importance of this epicentre of body and microbial activity is paramount. The microbiome has only relatively recently been ‘discovered’, and remains largely misunderstood. Its importance relates directly to all metabolic syndrome issues, and especially and vitally brain health. The ever mounting, victims of dementia and Alzheimer’s, endemic now in North America, and soon elsewhere, hinge in some serious respects on the proper functioning of our microbiome. Let us discuss our Microbiome and Fiber, both Soluble and Insoluble.

It’s all for our Microbiome and Fiber!

We are all grossly short on fiber. We delude ourselves into thinking that carbs, dairy, and junk food somehow provide fiber! We are so horribly shortchanged in the plant based food department. We HAVE to cater to our microbiome. We MUST eat soluble, and insoluble fiber, and lots of it! To kick start our microbiome in the right direction….take Probiotics! Once a day to seed and maintain the good bacteria! Also get enough potassium, manganese, calcium (not too much), vitamin D, and plant based vitamin K2. Daily eat fermented foods, and enjoy particularly those soft Brie and Edam cheeses! To cut back the sugars make your own Yogurt! Aim for omega-3s in the oils, (we get too much of the 6).

Insoluble dietary fibers are found naturally in the plants we eat. They do not break down and pass through undigested. In contrast, soluble fibers are just that! Both are important for our microbiome and digestion. Sometimes I wince when those expensive juicers actually remove fiber, and that invaluable commodity is trashed! We need the insoluble fiber ‘bulk’ which does not to dissolve in water, has a laxative effect, preventing constipation….or put another way, promotes real and frequent regularity. Soluble fibers form a gel with water, slowing down digestion, providing that ‘replete’ feeling. This is natural weight control, quite apart from its importance for our the microbiome.

Insolubles to be found in bran, seeds, brown rice, broccoli. cabbage, carrots, dark leafy vegetables, and fruits…you name it…all these and more provide the solubles. Short answer, eat lots of fruits and vegetables…emphasis on vegetables, and a variety of colours. Wash fruits skin for pesticides, and eat them…including those oranges and lemons. This way we remember our Microbiome and Fiber!