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Bureaucracy Damage & Life Stress!

Bureaucracy Damage & Life Stress!
Bureaucracy Damage & Life Stress!

Bureaucracy, a self satisfied ‘holier than thou’ nightmare, for those caught in its duplicitous, viscous web! Historically been complicit with the harshest body punches to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples…the pain and suffering of forcible removal Indigenous children from their families and communities to Canada’s residential school system, even now still just political platitude and apology stage. But parallel continues…intentional, utter amoral, kidnapping, and saga of then: continuous mistreatment of isolated and vulnerable children, from their families and heritage…just starting to dawn in its horrendous enormity…its Bureaucracy Damage & Lifelong Stress!

Indigenous mother hanging in, after a decade of bureaucratic obfuscation, contempt, and obfuscation, from the forcible removal of her three boys from her home. This: Bureaucracy Damage & Lifelong Stress!

Despite her immediate cure for excuse of removal…mother immediately left violent father…and her appropriate home…memory of ‘tug of war’ when impervious bureaucrats seized her kids…two babies!…now tenuous memory vestige.  Imagine these persons so protected legally, including willingness…as happened…to threaten jail for mother’s subsequent relentless search. Never giving up! There are about 10,000 Manitoba Indigenous seized! Scenario…”hey don’t stand in our way…we have ten more ‘child grabs’ today”…Imagine overwhelming children and parental stress…over years! Really, and I’ll say it…Indigenous Ethnic ‘Cleansing’ Colonial style.

Manitoba not alone…its Indigenous extreme…but other children, other Provinces other bureaucracies…armed to teeth legal powers, rationalized beliefs, and usual platitudes for social benefit! Recently first hand experience…youngest, ‘followed’ and ‘beset’ by hand of bureaucracy…to her school! Incredulity at this wanton behavior, but ‘believable’ because of past legal perspective…BUT real concern: long term damage…in this case abject fear, and irreparable damage, both mind, and the inevitable body punch. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is something our DNA seems poorly equipped to handle. Its foreign to our DNA! Stress origins Fight or Flight! Finally entertain reality PTSD for soldiers…but children?! and to boot: when initiated on hypocritical altar of one’s own bureaucratic organs of government’! One thing being on ‘front lines’ but in one’s home…AND back to that Manitoba Indigenous…whilst child welfare authorities went about another working Canadian day! Bureaucracy Damage & Lifelong Stress!