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Glenn Frey, The Eagles

Glenn Frey, The Eagles
Glenn Frey, The Eagles

Glenn Frey, The Eagles…Glenn, founding member, soulful guitar player, died at 67 just over a year ago on Jan 18 2016 in New York, of complications with rheumatoid arthritis… or RA, and pneumonia. The Eagle hit songs of the 1970s…firmly in our subconscious…’Take it Easy’ and ‘Hotel California’. This anniversary tribute asking WHY?… Irving Azoff, Eagle’s manager…blunt, that succumbed to acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia, ‘these were complications of the drugs he had been on for some 15 years’. Personally, suffered from RA in teens and twenties…know acutely implications of ‘conventional’ treatment. Lay bedbound in Christchurch hospital, England, for months, undergoing intensive cortisone steroid medication. Almost gave up. Somehow, contrary to prevailing medical protocol, instinctively, stubbornly, adopted an unconventional regimen, that I effectively advocate today. This triumphed, miraculously then… relegating a wretched autoimmune disease into remission.

Glenn Frey, The Eagles put his trust in conventional medicine…reading band manager Irving’s comments, medication itself was main cause of his early demise.

Vince Gill’s ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ at the Grand Ole Opry tribute in salutation…excellent. Rhetorical question… WHY? All of us subject to conventional system…rheumatologists have their place. Good for diagnosis!  BUT… autoimmune blockers… if you cannot ‘wean’, ultimately a self-defeating vicious circle. Let us have faith with metabolic syndrome disease, that now there IS another way. Needed: concerted, disciplined and informed approach on many fronts. This WEB tries to help with easy to understand Blogs! Start with heritage…Irish/Welsh/Scottish, means susceptibility to wheat. Gluten alone could start a tail spin. Diet..think vegetables, fiber….emphasize care for your microbiome…cultivate those billions of beneficial bacteria…probiotics…right kind of exercise! All easy to say…but if you are an RA sufferer, alternative, relatively pain free exercise methods a must . Swimming,…I even resorted to horseback! Water good buoyancy for overall movement, AND sunshine! Natural vitamin D…so important!

My perspective, conventional medicine…little time/patience, is singularly drug driven, scant attention for ‘alternative’ approach. Astounding…feel Glenn Frey, The Eagles was a casualty. Reinforced resolve to write extensively on metabolic issues, the objective to provide real hope to others suffering. Glenn Frey, you left a fantastic legacy…but sadly you left us too early…BUT your songs live forever.