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Pat McGeer Critical Hospitals

Pat Mcgeer Critical Hospitals
Pat Mcgeer Critical HospitalsSubject: photos of mcgeer On 2011-01-31, at 5:54 PM, Devine, Doug wrote: Supplied photos of Drs. Patrick and Edith McGeer of the Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research at UBC. They are for a Judy Gerstel story for the online-only section on Alzheimer's. -- dd pat's photo copy.jpg edie&pat3.jpg edie&pat2.jpg

Admire Dr. Pat McGeer, 89 and currently University British Columbia researcher and expert Alzheimer’s disease. Indefatigable political heritage, was Minister Science, British Columbia. Recently court room witness for Dr. Brian Day, fighting heavy handed Federal, Provincial rules monopolizing ‘broken’ medical care, and incidentally almost only Western country denying Canadians choice. Impatient with lawyers and Medicare Act..critical of bureaucratic incompetence, closing operating rooms at 4 and weekends.. as private care could efficiently use facilities and ease backlog burden, and obviously help as in other countries. He, testimonial to HEALTH, LONGEVITY. History sport, collaborates Edith his wife, publication more 800 papers! Secret… “I CAN”..loves coffee, both mental and physical activity, and conscious nutrition…there we go! He is bright as a tack, speaks his mind, has authority to do so, exercise out of bad diet! Pat McGeer Critical Hospitals

Also…my two bits worth!… with visits to hospitals, also serious Hospital Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria risk. The Super-Bug is everywhere. Thanks massive, uneducated, incompetent management of antibiotics, particularly in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations..CAFOs… antibiotics becoming useless. Advice now to care for indiscriminate human antibiotic use… BUT 90% of problem is feeding antibiotics in CAFOs. There, glyphosphate…Roundup…hormone driven feed, insanitary conditions cause necessary antibiotic administration, present serious public health risk.

Soon impotence dealing bacterial infections with antibiotics. Our hospitals, inefficient use of operating rooms generally, and running out of options. Pat McGeer Critical Hospitals.

The usual antibiotics, without specific tests type of infection, now panacea and possible passport to death. Public usually misunderstand inherent risks, when rapidly discharged on antibiotics from emergency or ICU, without bacteria typing. Blood work involves lab turnaround, which involves time that these hospitals have little of.  A patient reliance that the bug will be beaten …could be future deadly serious admission. Huge implicit Canadian pressure to ‘turn’ beds in emergency, and with extreme reluctance ‘admit’..is another disaster! Technically teams of doctors who can perform complicated procedures…but lucky to actually be in their hands in a timely manner! You may have to ‘push’ and ‘question’ and be ‘informed’ to prevent that implicit “be gone” with an antibiotic pill approach”! This, added sad backdrop in failure properly utilize operating rooms! Pat McGeer Critical Hospitals.