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Savvy Stealthy, Stem Cell Navigation

Savvy Stealthy, Stem Cell Navigation
Savvy Stealthy, Stem Cell Navigation

If you have an issue that demands Stem Cell treatment, what do you do?

Well, your response can be on one of three levels in my view!

The first is really for free:

I only wish that I had my present knowledge some thirty years ago! As we age our stem cells become more and more sluggish.
For example at ground zero, and I am talking newborn children. and incidentally reflected in their umbilical and amniotic material, their stem cells double every twenty-four hours.
At 35 years of age, the regeneration is every 48 hours and only worsens with age. At 65 years it is every 60 hours!
What does this really mean? For a newborn, a billion-plus stem cells are produced every month. At 35 it means a mere 32,000 cells and at 65 a miserable 200 cells a month. That is the simple math of it and it is an absolute horror story!

But that senior, thanks to incredible cellular research and insight, does not need to lose hope! A Water fasting program or something akin with clever timing can be the solution!

An appropriate candidate to fasting can actually produce completely reinvigorated cells from the vestige stem cells that our DNA incorporates and invariably expresses.

This after the fast and accompanying autophagy. But one must regularly reinvigorate:

Now we know the formula after some thirty years of careful, painstaking research.

But all not much of a price to pay in effort and discipline for health and longevity.

And it is free and all capable of being self-administered.

The second option is taking, for example, adipose fat cells and separating out the stem cells.
Then sending these to a qualified lab to multiply!
This is the magic because it is our own stem cells! They can then be utilized for whatever purpose, for example, to grow new cartilage.
They can also be banked as a ready plentiful supply.
Thirdly is to use umbilical and amniotic material,
this would usually be for ethical reasons in the US from discarded material after Caesarians.
This is then carefully monitored and multiplied and the appropriate golden cells used for re-injection and for whatever specific purpose.
Because of FDA restrictions, this is procedure is practiced outside the US and the results have been startling!
Essentially the cells from their proximity dramatically wake up dormant cells and the results accordingly utilized.

Below is a YouTube of Dr. Tami Mergalia, who just overwhelmingly demonstrates the viability and future, in her mind, of Stem Cells. You get the limitations somewhat that she has to cope with, but I believe YouTube is very instructive! Savvy Stealthy, Stem Cell Navigation.

But all this somehow overlooks the continual march of time and that Seniors now can do something about it!