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Simply AGING Causes Stem Cell WANING!

Simply AGING Causes Stem Cell WANING!
Simply AGING Causes Stem Cell WANING!

Simply AGING Causes Stem Cell WANING! Unfortunately this is a FACT!..and interestingly this is the fundamental and root issue BUT also root solution for fighting Aging. Actually, my view, after exhaustive research, the counter action to correct this fact is relatively simple!..and easy to understand.

Fact one: is the title of this article! Simply AGING Causes Stem Cell WANING! That means the older we are the more hopeless our Stem Cells are. So what CAN be done? There are about a half dozen different disciplines to consider and understand. The biochemistry behind all this is extremely complex, but the following is an inductive solution in lay terms:

We CAN rejuvenate aged stem cells with a simple procedure called FASTING! Now this may sound trite, but our human race, with exceptions that are rapidly disappearing, such as isolated clans and groupings around the world in Africa, hidden in jungles and those occupying the Blue zones, DO NOT NATURALLY FAST! BUT for a fast to be effective, it must be carried out at the minimum Valter Longo timing. This applies to the number of days and frequency in the year. Let’s cut through the risks and precautions, this site has dwelt on that…and precautions are strongly advised depending on the individual and so on. But frequency should be initially about once a month for about two to three months. Thereafter about two to three times a year. What does this do? Simply it kick starts the apparently almost sleeping and lazy, ineffective Aged person’s Stem Cells into waking up! To myself this is almost miraculous, and to quote Dr. Mercola, who actually carries out these fasts, it is the most economic and EASIEST way to Longevity. I agree. Personally I have wavered on the water fast for a number of PERSONAL reasons, BUT at my age am a victim of ineffective Stem Cells simply on account of age! I have little body fat and am paranoid about losing any more. Right now I have several metabolic syndrome battles and hope they all turn out to be successful! But when circumstances are right, and soon, I intend to start carrying out a full five day…perhaps the first one will only last three days!..water fast but taking some limited plant nutrients that amount almost to zero calories and making sure that the water contains Himalayan salt to some degree to avoid any potential shock reaction in the body. To prepare for this one can undergo Partial Calorie restriction respecting the window of eating. Indeed this will induce some fat burning that kind of conditions the body to that concept if never experienced…Ketones!

But one must be real cautious, not to remain in that restricted window for more than a day in my opinion, and cycle back to a 12 13 hour normal sleep fast routine. Reason? Nasties like dramatic increased risk of gall stones! Remember that the benefits of fasting occur during the refeeding stage and over some ten days

Another method for waking up and rejuvenating aged stem cells is by the actual injection of ground zero stem cells. The advantage of this technique is that it can be location specific. Means very site specific if one wants to solve for example a neuro-problem, or anything to do with the brain…or a site specific mechanical arthritic problem, or an MS issue and so on…where the actual targets should be in the gun sites! But there is also another issue associated with this in the US…however brilliant and willing their research and medical capacity. It’s the regulatory impasse! It is so difficult to change the law…even in Texas where they have, the bureaucracies just ignore that fact! Once a medical practitioner or researcher gets on their wrong side..beware. Then there is the risk from the legal system! Everything is illegal it seems unless specifically approved by institutions. This is almost impossible as first of all there are fundamental misunderstandings about umbilical and amniotic stems cells, even most of the experts get it wrong, and secondly human trials that are usually a precondition to anything, are impossible in reality to conduct…and even then in extremely limited fashion! There is really little hope unless one travels outside the North American jurisdiction, except for the patient to basically roll over. Very sad. But the huge plus from Panama that specifically allows ground zero umbilical and amniotic stem cells and all harvested, ironically, and perfectly legally, in the United States! This is a real reverse catch 22 political football! Just listen to the narrative from Dr. Neil Riordan who literally has walked the political medico tightrope and achieved so much success.

Just to point out some unique factors: that Dr. Riordan covers his specialized screening techniques…only about 1 in 100 cords pass muster! He explains Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) that control inflammation by modulating the immune system, and literally stimulate regeneration. Also the plain FACT that MSC doubling times dramatically decrease as people age…that is why cord cells are countless times more robust than a senior cells. Also the duality of these robust stem cells…they fight everything besides seemingly a passport for Longevity. Simply AGING Causes Stem Cell WANING!