Home Recipes Mouth-Watering Almond Milk Obvious Dairy Spoiler?

Mouth-Watering Almond Milk Obvious Dairy Spoiler?

Mouth-watering Almond Milk Obvious Dairy Spoiler?
Mouth-watering Almond Milk Obvious Dairy Spoiler?

Growing up in Britain I remember the crates of milk every day at school and the incessant explanation of importance for my bones, growth, and health! In fact, supervision that we drank every drop. Furthermore, at home, the milkman would deliver those shiny cap milk bottles and the more cream meaning the gold!

Never anyone mentioning that this milk uniquely for baby cows! In my view for calves only, similarly respecting human infants as they are completely different. Mouth-watering Almond Milk Obvious Dairy Spoiler?

For some reason, we buck the trend of all species on earth by actually drinking milk after infancy and that milk belonging to another species!
Carbohydrates from grains instead of full-fat milk products seem to reduce heart disease from a study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
Dairy is also known to encourage the release of insulin and insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1
Turns out that the countries with the highest dairy consumption also world leaders in rates of osteoporosis. Much of this information thanks to the Food Revolution: (healthiest sources of calcium)

Personally, this has thrown me somewhat into a dilemma! I happen to love cheese. Also, tend to compromise! Have noticed that Dr. Guido Koemer, of the University of Paris, and a real authority on the whole process of aging, also just loves Spermidines or smelly cheeses! He basically is enjoying some almost daily! He also looks years younger than his real age!

Solution I think is to participate reasonably and restrictively with cheese and dairy products. I also include eggs. This way any benefits one also reaps! But one thing I am certain, and that is to choose organic whenever possible! Bottom line so long as you get most modalities right some ‘fudging’ acceptable! Almond milk great substitute! Contrast to:

One area where strict compliance IS necessary, is Water Fasting:

here need a sufficient optimum period to allow for that refeeding stage and massive stimulation of our Stem Cells!

The research is almost uniform here on minimums!

To remind you: make sure that time is day or two in excess of three days! The big payoff seems to be total of five!

Back to Dairy! Thanks to Food Revolution for a machine that makes the processing for Almond milk faster and cleaner and they can get you a discount! (check it out here).

And finally here is that ideal recipe for Almond Milk, and it is simple! Just listen to the excellent YouTube below! Mouth-Watering Almond Milk Obvious Dairy Spoiler?