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Dr Guido Koemer & Dr Rhonda Patrick Autophagy!

Dr Guido Koemer & Dr Rhonda Patrick Autophagy!
Dr Guido Koemer & Dr Rhonda Patrick Autophagy!
Dr Guido Koemer & Dr Rhonda Patrick Autophagy! Two ‘brains’ that I respect: Dr. Rhonda Patrick whom I see in this YouTube below is pregnant, but diligently interviewing Dr. Guido Kroemer of the University of Paris Descartes. This man, suspect by accent is of Austrian origin, and now very capably functions in Paris, France. He is brilliant, as is Dr Patrick! Candidly the real problem facing these two is that they are just too brilliant!

It is really difficult to unravel in lay language what they are in fact so significantly discussing! They are both in their own research world, and Autophagy is a truly fascinating frontier. Dr Guido Koemer & Dr Rhonda Patrick Autophagy!

May be, after this discussion, that there are in reality several layers, and methods for autophagy, that all contribute in their own way to health and anti aging, and through dynamic pathways. But the clue to this interview is in the last few moments of discussion, (at 59…onwards!) subsequent to the references below, when Rhonda actually asks Guido what he personally practices with respect to the findings of his research. Low and behold, he actually is himself practicing what he preaches! He varies from the common heard! Personally, truly believe that one must be careful with perpetual ketosis…agree here with Dr. Mercola that it is best to vary the time periods, and also Dr. Valter Longo has made the graphic point that over 13 hours of fasting on a continual basis opens one up for instance to the risk of gall stones…and that is not a pleasant operation! BUT this man Guido, who has a very thorough understanding of Autophagy has decided to restrict his meals to just one a day on a continuous basis! And it is dinner! Spermidine is important to him. He also is a cheese eater, and believes as a result, and it is playful, that he benefits from the research benefits of Spermadine and Resveratrol! He is still youthful, in fact approaching 60, but may have hooked on to the fountain of youth, as he believes in self implementation and is relaxed about it! He is obviously very confident in this personalized process!
BUT he also exercises…now the question could be when! Personally am conscious of the dangers of muscle depletion from early morning, and pre-nutrition exercise, unless a pathway is triggered subsequent to exercise, particularly weights and HIST, that enough protein intake occurs within the right time frame to stimulate muscle regeneration. Valter Longo believes this to be approximately 30 grams of protein requirement. Best implemented approximately thirty minutes after completion of the workout! Dr. Mercola also believes that this should be fast acting process, and uses organic Whey powder from New Zealand that is really effective! But all this is related to exercise on a daily basis and an effort to avoid muscle depletion from that activity. If one exercises towards the end of the day then enough protein is present in any event! Throw in the issue of over consumption of protein that is a phenomenon of our lifestyle!
The complete fast is a cat of another breed! Here we have a natural process inherent in our bodies to avoid muscle depletion, and the re-feeding stage after say a five day water fast actually rebuilds the muscle and effectively! Another caveat…if one’s main meal is dinner then make sure there is enough time before sleep…minimum of say three hours and try to avoid a sugar spike by walking post postprandial! But otherwise this video is important and shows a variation to stricture and a fixed concept! So over and beyond the useful references below to the YouTube go to 59:20 onwards. For another day we should seriously reflect on Fasting Mimetics that Guido is discussing. Effectively he is stating that an alternative to achieving Autophagy…and by that cellular resurgence, is with hydroxycitric… Spermadine (from Natto…Soybeans…Some fruits like Durian…Peas!…Smelly cheeses…look at his chart!) and Resveratrol! Thus the excuse for wine! But care for alcohol!! Dr Guido Koemer & Dr Rhonda Patrick Autophagy!