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Alcohol Worse than Cigarettes!

Alcohol Worse than Cigarettes!
Alcohol Worse than Cigarettes!

In 1987 International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of WHO, classified alcohol consumption carcinogenic to humans! Connected specifically to cancers of mouth, throat, voice box, esophagus and liver. Now American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), has underlined connection. On 7th. November 2017, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, observation: slight amount alcohol drinking raises women’s breast cancer risk…also esophageal cancer. Fate worse more one drinks and that includes colorectal cancer. Dr. Noelle LoConte, associate professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and leas author for ASCO said: “..message is not, ‘Don’t drink.’ It’s ‘If you want to reduce your cancer risk, drink less. And if you don’t drink, don’t start. It’s different than tobacco where we say, ‘Never smoke. Don’t start.’ This is more subtle.” But my opinion WHY BE SUBTLE! Alcohol Worse than Cigarettes! My view alcohol back millions of years, non consequential for survival or adaptation. Reason we are virtually defenseless. Also, it’s straight trajectory to metabolic syndrome issues…reason alcohol exacerbates weight gain!

Alcohol suspected route to cancer through our ‘desperate’ metabolism to acetaldehyde which causes changes and mutations in our DNA…happens as soon as alcohol comes into contact with bacteria in the mouth! Alcohol Worse than Cigarettes!

First of all we seem generally to be ignorant of alcohol dangers…most are really generally unaware. Also most cannot comprehend metabolic syndrome associated diabetes & connection alcohol with resultant illnesses including cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s! Major adjunct issue: drinking, and real problem drinking, on steady rise in North America…and suspect almost universally.

Problem is that too many vested stakeholders are ‘invested’…I include all alcohol beverage producers, from the Whiskeys to the Vineyards; from Napa Valley to Chile; from Australia to Europe. There is an incredible impetus to drink! Then think of the beer sector! Advertising, social pressure, restaurant, pub pressure…then government pressure…the taxes and income stream is enormous! This in my view is far bigger a problem than ever cigarettes! Alcohol is all pervasive, and even Starbucks is about to launch into the ‘after work glass of wine’! Alcohol Worse than Cigarettes!