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What is Alcoholism?


What is Alcoholism? Never considered myself alcoholic or excessive drinker…BUT…reality alcohol insidious not so silent enemy…negative impact accelerating at quantum rate. Between 2003 and 2013 comprehensive study indicated US alcohol consumption increased 65% to 73% with one-third engaged in ‘high-risk drinking’…this defined as five or more standard drinks for men, or four or more for women, at least once a week. Women suffered 58% increase of ‘high-risk drinking’ over same period!

Factors: Easy Access…blame governments encouragement as sales provide increased tax revenues…Stress causing ‘outlet behavior’…alleviating pressures…and importantly Price Alcohol decreasing…costs 2011 average 0.29%…based on one drink a day…of disposable income, compared to 4.46% in 1950. Throw in tougher world, worsening economics, more isolation, more reluctance to socialize compared to 1950s! The CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- says excessive drinking now responsible for 1 in 10 deaths in 20 to 64 year-old category…their book: excessive means either binge, as defined above, or heavy… meaning 8 or more drinks per week for women, and 15 or more for men. Now reflect! Not a huge amount!

What is Alcoholism? Recently witnessed social drinking in Britain…where four to five pints seems norm evening out…there… its social medium and two to three evenings in the ‘local’ normal! A rollicking evening, just multiply drinks as happy crowds spill out on streets! All legal!

Health risks: CNS or central nervous system slowed..Limbic…emotions… inhibitions lowered…judgement and reasoning prefrontal cortex impaired…higher doses just an exacerbation. Resulting: injury risk, especially motor vehicles, falls, drownings burns… and violent crimes all types. Long term weight gain, liver disease…only liver can process alcohol!…resulting liver cirrhosisis and HFCS for Fatty Liver Disease! Gut microbes disrupted resulting chronic diseaseshigh blood pressure, strokegut issuescancer… particularly breast, mouth, throat, esophagus liver and colon…learning, memory issues, dementia and Alzheimer’s, heart disease, depression, alcohol dependence and outright alcoholism! Reality those drinking excessively, not alcoholics or AUDs (Alcohol dependent)…ruining their health… this offset somewhat by exercise! In the end alcohol sleeping killer! carcinogenic, brain damaging. What is Alcoholism?..There really is no moderate drinking…unless the odd glass, and I mean just 5 ounces…and then just intermittently! Afraid bit boring?!