Home Healthy Lifestyle Legendary Life V-J Day ‘Times Square Kiss’. Sailor Dies at 95.

Legendary Life V-J Day ‘Times Square Kiss’. Sailor Dies at 95.

Legendary Life V-J Day 'Kiss'. Sailor Dies 95.
Legendary Life V-J Day 'Kiss'. Sailor Dies 95.

The iconic Life Magazine V-J Day Times Square Kiss is opening photo! It has to be THE most looked at photo, and for that matter famous photo, of the last century. Somehow this magical moment caught on camera, and its sweeping, incredible gesture, defies the imagination as to how euphoric that Japanese surrender was!

George Mendonsa is the sailor, and Greta Friedman is the dental assistant.

who just happens to be in Times Square at the time and in her nurses uniform.

This era is an incredible time in history, but also amazing in terms of what World War 2 really implies for health and longevity reasons!

Thanks to Alfred Eisenstaedt, the photographer, Time Magazine publishing this as V-J Day celebration in Times Square. Now is known simply as the ‘Kiss’.

Now George was celebrating with his girlfriend, of whom he was serious, and both had a few drinks! He admitted he would never have swept this girl off her feet but for the trigger of the nurses uniform, and all that meant to sailors rescued by hospital ships from the fire devastation of their suicidal dive bombing. He was saying a huge thank you for their care for so many wounded sailors.

Imagine the stress of war! Limited wartime rations and the daily reminder of the risk of death. Being away for such long periods.
But if handled right there is a positive note. Just look at the people in the photo. They are NOT obese. Instead they are lean!

All look fit, everyone of them! By today’s standards an absolute contrast.

My assessment is reflective of the misleading approach of Ancel Keys during the 60s and 70s.

Then the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) debacle of the 70s of the Nixon cheap food for the masses era!

HFCS is probably the most addictive food that we have and of course encouraged by the food industry! Dr Lustig has a lot to say about this!

Look at the video below of George Mendonsa. He is just a short time ago, displaying a fitness and youth well below his age! His full head of hair a tribute to maybe his mother’s genes. But although muscular and full bodied, a far cry from obese! He was 95 when he died last Sunday.

Another interesting element, the nurse who he never knew and probably never even talked to, she passing away in 2016 at age 92. Her shape and fitness also clear in the photo. No doubt a ‘war time’ example of better diet, more activity, and stresses that she handles thereafter for the rest of her life!