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Power Women Blast Ancel Keys Fat Lie!

Power Women Blast Ancel Keys Fat Lie!
Power Women Blast Ancel Keys Fat Lie!

Remarkable of this YouTube: The Real Skinny On Fat, with incisive interviewer Naomi Whittel, a fellow Brit, is the number particularly, of female voices…with the one exception of her discussion with septuagenarian Dr. Joseph Maroon…that now dissect, understand, and now wholeheartedly reject the Ancel Key`s devastating myth! The first is to understand how come we ever had, and still to this day continue with our fixation with low fats! From that fundamental misstep has developed the emergence of the North American Obesity CrisisPower Women Blast Ancel Keys Fat Lie!

The associated metabolic syndrome diseases…and here personally maintain that Obesity is symptomatic of this…are overwhelming and on a rapidly increasing pace treadmill of health devastation! This YouTube ends with Dr Joseph Maroon, a neurosurgeon. He does an excellent job of retracing the perhaps conspiratorial, intentional maybe, but otherwise devastatingly unfortunate, through a coincidence of convenient big business events, results, that emerged from the President Eisenhower era! The unfortunate heart attacks of Ike and his death from a Coronary…the co-incidence of his physician Paul W White who developed the American Heart Association (AHA) into an Ancel Keys supporter and concept that effectively has lasted for five generations! The hey day for Cholesterol as a villain, rather than a marker in the mid 80 s... Then the understanding about Carbohydrates…particularly addictive ones!…the converse the understanding of Fats, and gradually we are brought up to date by Maroon with Keto diets...their advantage and his careful caveat for fats.

Personal experience is that those advocating Keto diets usually advocate or omit care for amount of protein! Also he approaches partial fasting and serious disease, and the mitochondrial understanding coupled with neural understanding as ketones cross the blood brain barrier! It is remarkable. Maroon though stops short here! He does not really cross over into Stem Cell rejuvenation to ground zero…or stimulation from fasting of aging stem cells so that they function as if ground zero! He hovers! He still has the party line of no cure for MS etc. but pauses with comments of how beneficial ketone diets can be and that we are on a threshold of something great!

The Skinny On Fat is remarkable because it brings out personal experiences of Naomi Whittel, who unfortunately was born with a predisposition to devastating autoimmune disorder of eczema that caused her overwhelming grief. As an aside could have been attributed to her Caesarian birth, that denied her much natural birth canal protection. Her experiences of rejection as a teenager and her candor of finally grappling with health issues in her early 20’s and rejecting the steroid route of her latter teens, remarkable. She was truly self motivated and obviously was supported by her family.

The conclusion…that fats…good fats are the number one priority in diet…quite contrary to the Ancel Keys proposition…that carbohydrates particularly the addictive sugars are devastation…and proteins must be reigned in. Power Women Blast Ancel Keys Fat Lie!

Now, her personal secrets in fact do not stop with this simple proposition. She understands Autophagy. Has a full insight into Cellular metabolism and the need to remove cellular garbage. She understands Ketogenic metabolism and has practiced this for some 20 years. Her partial fasting, she has fine tuned and cycles the process. But personally understand that although this is fasting to some extent and has a remarkable cellular effect, her research and full fasting effects are really from about 2014 on.
BUT this is faster, to coin a phrase, than Joseph Mercola! In another article will specifically concentrate on full fasts…how often…the risks of partial fasting…and they exist….and the Stem cell miracle that makes the whole Ancel Keys events a full circle but one of Longevity! Power Women Blast Ancel Keys Fat Lie!