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Truth Real Numbers Coronavirus Deaths?

Truth Real Numbers Coronavirus Deaths?
Truth Real Numbers Coronavirus Deaths?

I have selected a great Youtube video, down at the end of this post, of Dr. Ioannidis who is a highly respected Stanford University Epidemiologist because it is from when the virus was starting and is a good snapshot perspective of the time. Let us now analyze how right or wrong he was that the actual infection rate, in reality, is extremely low as well as where we stand on Coronavirus deaths!

Generally speaking, his point is well made. He used Sweden as a reality comparative. That country did well economically and coronavirus wise for about three months.

They are having a set back recently, that is to be expected. But the key is HOW BAD a set back in reality?

They have voluntarily adjusted and it now seems there is a method to their so-called madness!

The objective is to open up with gradual steps.  Swedish schools are open and business is open. They are doing fairly well.

In a comparison of Sweden to Switzerland where there have been Draconian methods. Yet Sweden seems to have overall comparative success when looking at the numbers closely.

Their deaths are people severely compromised. This has changed somewhat but generally, those are the real victims.

When looking at overall deaths at the end of July there is a slight rise in the numbers. But it is still in contradistinction to the numbers of those infected.

On reflection, Dr. Ioannidis seems right. People under 45 really have an almost zero chance of suffering Coronavirus death!

On reflection, Dr. Ioannidis seems right. People under 45 really have an almost zero chance of mortality! As Dr. Merola has pointed out, and I quote that he seems right all along based on recent figures.

Dr. Ioannidis says for people younger than age 45, the infection fatality rate is almost statistically ZERO !!!

And, for people age 45 to 70, the infection fatality rate is probably about 0.05-0.3%, historically similar to other seasonal respiratory viruses.

It seems though that the death rate for seventy olds and even 80-year-olds the number is closer to 1%.

BUT FOR FRAIL DEBILITATED PERSONS such as those in nursing homes, the rate can go up dramatically to 25%.

So a lot depends upon the logistics and distribution of age groups in any country!

BUT IN CONTRA DISTINCTION His comments on Draconian shutdowns are with considerable merit.

There are now present in the US financial crises, civil unrest, and in many instances extreme civil strife.

He is hopeful this does not degenerate into war and the meltdown of our social fabric.

BUT there are other really serious items he points out.

Globally our risk of peoples at starvation amount now to some 1.1 billion persons!

Also the resurgence of TB or tuberculosis, malaria, and childhood diseases. The very medical prevention fabric is rapidly breaking down.

Suicide up one percent for each one percent of unemployment!

Also Huge problems with other issues of stress-based diseases. For example Heart attacks and even Cancer.

As he points out there are a large number of fearful persons who literally believe what our elected leaders and health advisors are saying!

These “fearful” people are presently not concerned about the economic consequences of 40 million people collecting unemployment payments in the US. Or the soon to be millions living out of cardboard boxes on the sidewalk because they can not pay their rent. Truth Real Numbers Coronavirus Deaths?