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Handwashing HOT OR COLD Best for Coronavirus?

Handwashing HOT OR COLD Best for Coronavirus?
Handwashing HOT OR COLD Best for Coronavirus?

I like Dr. Greger, who years ago stored Vodka, at high proof concentrations, just in case a pandemic hit! But let’s be practical and pick his brains on just the ‘handwashing issue’!

The elemental vulnerability to Covid-19 is that it is our key entry points to our bodies that are essentially the targets. With all the mask phobia, there are obviously valid questions as to the absolute mandatory use of masks outdoors!

For example, the practical vulnerability of our eyes, and the touching of them, should be the real phobia.

The effective and acknowledged antidote is handwashing. or hand sanitizing! It is that simple.

Immediately just dealing with handwashing a slew of questions arise. We are for instance told 20 seconds. It seems that comes from the CDC in the US.

The reality is that tests have shown that there is little difference between a 15 second or a 30-second time span! The problem is achieving the actual effective routine of washing.

The virus escape areas are at the fingertips, thumbs, and the backs of our hands. For those that use artificial nails, remember this tends to be a negative!

Then for myself, and you will see from many of my articles, I am environmentally conscious. Relevant on this subject:


Here Greger is helpful. His remarks and I am putting his relevant video at the conclusion of this article, is that this question is resolved some past 80 years!

The answer is that there is NO ADDED BENEFIT using HOT WATER when handwashing. A real plus for those countries where hot water is a major luxury and rare commodity.

Take Africa for example. There really is no advantage to whether the water coming out of that tap is hot or cold.

But in North America, you can bet the lack of guidance by any of our leaders, and I include those so-called health experts, have rarely if ever mentioned whether it makes any difference.

This is an environmental catastrophe and just irresponsible. BUT I bet they just do not know!

You would think it would be a relevant question that could be quickly researched for the good of our environment alone!

The current environmental damage just selecting the US is enormous. Amounts to million metric tons of carbon emissions over a year. An alarming environmental damage consequence.

There is NO ADDED BENEFIT using HOT WATER when handwashing

We not only have wasteful plastic piling up everywhere from the Coronavirus Pandemic itself, and causing ocean and air pollution damage with disastrous health consequences but now we are exacerbating all of this with environmental pollution.

It is interesting that hand-sanitizers seem to allow for greater compliance than just plain soap and water washing.

This may explain the use in medical and hospital settings. But remember that the alcohol content should be some 60% according to the CDC.

The WHO is recommending 75%. But the reality seems that with an increased time exposure lesser percentages still work! In a pinch, even our Vodka bottle at 40% can be utilized with increased exposure. But what a waste of good vodka! Handwashing HOT OR COLD Best for Coronavirus?