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Launching Longevity Is Balancing Fasting Modalities

Launching Longevity Is Balancing Fasting Modalities
Launching Longevity Is Balancing Fasting Modalities

Above us is a Richard Roll Podcast talking to Dr. Valter Longo, a longevity researcher whom I really admire. This talented man, and I wish I had his grasp of music, switched about three decades ago to the science of longevity.

It was at that time just a hazy concept. Perhaps there exist modalities that could be applied to humans. To somehow achieve a life extension over and above that from avoiding negative impacts of metabolic diseases.

Longo grasped the significance of genetic pathways. Originally a student of Roy Walford of Biosphere 2 fame.

His instinct that calorie restriction not an answer for longevity. Just one look at Walford exiting Biosphere 2 probably convinced Longo!

Work in Ecuador reinforced his instincts that cellular protection implicit for longevity.

His book Five Pillars, emphasizes the Blue Zone concept. Common denominators throughout the world. Luckily they still just survive for this valuable knowledge gain!

Twelve hours is the optimum period of daily fasting which will also incorporate the sleeping period. Otherwise exceeding this carries its own risks. This is important to note with the hype of Keto-type Intermittent fasting.

We are not discussing the five-day water or FMD fast when discussing optimum 12 hours daily fast.

Longo states excessive protein always issue. Particularly with current general hype.

One small qualification that after 65 years should increase protein. But by just some 20%.

Points out that most older Italians in Blue Zones are frail…because they continue the narrow and restrictive diet. This was helpful when young, but contrary indicated when they become older!

Another issue of autoimmunity: Vegetable diets can be damaging simply because of lectins, dairy or gluten, lactose intolerance.

The classic example in Sicily where 90 percent of the population is lactose intolerant, yet their coffee shops only have dairy!! Really means an epidemic of gastrointestinal disorders…

Longo promotes a Pescatarian diet. Garbanzo beans, not enough? Vegan fine, but being vegan AND healthy just more difficult.

Longevity is a lifestyle of balancing modalities in combination.

Example B12 shortfall risk.

Comment on current apparent protein fixation.

We are in an epidemic of ‘over protein’ nourishment that is really keto. This translates into an increase in cancer and overall mortality.

Extremely negative to Meats…particularly red meat. Specter of cancer. Plant-based diets are much more protective. All meats have many problems: steroids, antibiotics, molecular issues, and high in protein.

Consumption of high protein from plants is a much better alternative. An exception to this is as protein relates to an increased risk of cancer. One still must control/limit the quantity of protein consumed.

Saturated fats discussion.

Mice die earlier with high saturated fats. Spanish survey discontinued as considered unethical as really negative outcomes for humans with high saturated fats.

Blue zones do not have high saturated fats.

It is not really about carbs or even some starches. Asian diets feature rice daily, but not excessive amounts!

Recognition of allergies important.

Avoid autoimmunity intolerances. But after 65 years maybe some goat cheese even eggs! Again Longo key is to avoid frailty.

32 grams per pound of bodyweight of protein guide but exceed with aging by some 20%.

Commentary on extended water fasts.

45 days is equivalent to a negative ‘Walford scene’ of literal calorie restriction.

Metabolism after 45 days of fasting may not return back to normal for years.

Optimum water fast is five days in Longo vocabulary.

Personally realize that retaining some broad-spectrum nutrient however small may have benefits. Certainly, it helps with toxin removal.

Intermittent fasting is a much-reduced calorie restriction that does not have to induce Walford scene of severe calorie restriction.

But fraught with other issues. The cyclic 12 hours is optimum.

Extra two, three, hours or more, just means two-fold increase the risk of gall stones for that issue alone.

Skipping breakfast means people dying earlier. But breakfast is at the twelve-hour mark.

I like the concept of workout before this time as metabolic, and in particular cognitive metabolic benefits then substantial.

But one is not really skipping breakfast in the above scenario. Just that breakfast comes after the workout at its optimum time period that really is the 12-hour benchmark.

Launching Longevity Is Balancing Fasting Modalities.