Home Healthy Lifestyle Triumph of Water Fasting For Longevity Amazing!

Triumph of Water Fasting For Longevity Amazing!

Triumph of Water Fasting For Longevity Amazing!
Triumph of Water Fasting For Longevity Amazing!

Listen to Frank Sabatino YouTube, visible in midst of this Article.

Enormous experience. And Florida beachside location incredible.

He discusses water fasts excess five days…maybe weeks!. Also, resort vegan-based!

But have some qualifications: with vegan diets. also to some degree vegetarian. But all this progressive information. Already on this Blog, and to come!

Now concentrating on any Longevity implications. But positively.! Amazes me how cross-understanding of research is often misunderstood or lost.

Focus fasting:
Frank, despite his age, not far off approaching mine. Little on ‘longevity’ itself.
Although he looks good. Some testament to his formula! Florida satisfies essential modality of Vitamin D. Particularly, latitude, and naturally through the skin. Genetic uplinks functioning!
But two main points of Valter Longo. That there is an optimum period or length of fast! and repetition is key. This principle applies to cancer patients as well.
This may explain general confusion when it comes to Fasting and Longevity. This perhaps hidden with the multi-disciplines and research of Valter Longo!

Have to just optimize the length of fast for the actual destruction of Stem cells.  And frequently enough to maintain viable vigorous stem cells. Particularly in older persons!

Those interested in Fasting for Longevity, Following is my formula after much experience both practically fasting, and from extensive research!

Assuming medical clearance:
Conditioning. This at outset involves five days of water fasting every month.
Maintenance requires five days of water fasting every three months. Four months may be sufficient. But three seems safely optimal!
Firstly, respecting five days.
Optimum as it allows ketosis over the first three.
Thereafter, days four to five breakdown, even panic signal to our body! Trouble! These genetic pathways cause shutdowns at our cellular level.
Mitochondria, including dangerous Senescent cells, destroyed.
Our Stem Cells are eliminated. In older persons, they are pretty useless anyway! This in my ‘book’ is the root cause of ageing!
But Legacy Stem Cell remains in each cell. This incredible evolutionary induced genetic factor. Just in case we survive!
Then the important rebuilding stage. It must be progressive. Refeeding our microbiome with correct fibre and nutrients and probiotics.LAUNCHING those good symbiotic bacteria yet again! Remember our Microbiome is very much our SECOND BRAIN.
Secondly, respecting Refeeding!
This is the constructive stage and takes a total of about ten days!
Our legacy stem cells multiply. They are vigorous!
Our muscles because of the optimum five day limit are not wasting! In other words, limiting protein from that resource .
It is our fat cells being main source of energy.
Also, final result affects our cognition positively.

The fountain authority Valter Longo. And this is over decades of careful, credible research at the University of Southern California. His Triumph of Water Fasting For Longevity Amazing!