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Unstoppable Climate Change & Meat Fish Struggle

Unstoppable Climate Change & Meat Fish Struggle
Unstoppable Climate Change & Meat Fish Struggle

I Support fighting climate change. It’s complex and multidimensional but organic meat and fish sources can be complementary! Meaning to this title: Unstoppable Climate Change & Meat Fish Struggle.

Here right track all along! Indicative by myriad past articles. This WEB supports Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Organic Meats. But always with Health cautions for exclusivity! AND all disciplines, independently, or in combination support lower Carbon Emissions!

Vegetarian or vegan diets are plant-based. Core necessary benefits from a myriad of health dynamics of plants and fruits.
BUT my summary nutshell:
Always risks for a lack of a complete spectrum of foods and nutrients.
Particularly if one does not include the right kind of organic fish or meat and at appropriate intervals, sources and quantities.
Also, remember we only need so much protein! For me at 140 lbs and low visceral fat, about 80 grams considering weight and age.
Support from a recent Oxford University Research study as well as in the British Medical Journal following:
Entire isolation in Veganism and Vegetarian Diet results increase the risk of stroke by some 20%. The reason not enough cholesterol in the blood!!!
Also, vegans run the risk of deficiency Choline nutrient for brain health. Other issues for both strict Vegetarians and Vegans: lack of Vitamins B6, and B12, and D3.
All found in oily fish eggs, beef, and other meats. Mushrooms also contain! But will not provide enough! Converse means even a reduction of Bowel Cancer!
Luminaries Ellen DeGerneres now adding fish and eggs back to her past strick diet. And Tim Shieff, vegan, celebrity YouTuber!
My general assessment:
This a multi-discipline and modality arena! Trouble is that most vegans and vegetarians compensate with carbohydrates. Meaning equivalence of sugar. Rather than good fats.
Also if another reason is to lose weight…dieting particularly this way is hopeless. The correct application of Intermittent Fasting could be the answer! Emphasize organic and healthy as well as a reduction in the amounts of fish and meat proteins consumed.
CAFOs are the plague of the planet. Glyphosate the curse!
Incredible environmental damage caused by ‘lock stock’ clearing and wholesale industrial farming is major issue.

The way forward is Organic farming not the wholesale GMO Glyphosate CAFO nightmare of the US, plus the reduction of meat and fish consumption individually. Coupling elimination of Toxins, Poisons, Dangerous metals, PCBs, wholesale Antibiotic destruction, and massive pollution, both by Land and Sea.

All will work wonders for contribution to fighting Climate Change. The avoidance of Glyphosate is maybe one of the largest contributors to our poisoning of the earth now even at-risk species. The cruelty within, and shocking, even secretive, CAFO industrial factories, we must eliminate. Our meat consuption resultingly reducing and orderly. ALL WITH HEALTH benefits.

Complete elimination of Meats and Fish impractical! Even Greta Thunberg, young, amazing climate warrior, has a comprehension of prospective myriad complex issues and she has time on her side! would have an empathetic understanding!? Unstoppable Climate Change & Meat Fish Struggle.