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How to Protein Count

How to Protein Count
How to Protein Count

Great Vail lecture February last year by Dr. Ron Rosedale, who in my opinion was light-years ahead, several decades ago, when he advocated no sugars and low carb diets for his diabetes patients. He went on to organically adjust this to an anti-Atkins high protein diet in favour of a high fat diet Thus the development of the science around mTOR and the consequent need to protein count!!!  Now: How to Protein Count.

What is amazing is the coincidence in thinking with the articles I have published respecting that two time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, who signalled that to beat cancer one had to create a negative oxidation climate..indeed it comes down to metabolic cellular proportions and whether we are ‘clean burning’ (fats) or ‘dirty burning’ sugars and carbohydrates; but now with the consideration of preventing a spill over for oxidative ‘dirty burning’ through the excessive consumption of proteins! Essentially we are encouraging a non-oxidative climate at the cellular level, and this ‘apoptosis’ creates a favourable climate for mitochondrial repair and regeneration.

All this is effectively anti-cancer and favourable metabolically, and exactly coordinates with the thinking of Dr. Ron Rosedale, who notes that cancers are associated with mTor activation. Let us just concentrate now on proteins and How to Protein Count.

Ideally 1 gm (or even 0.75 gms) relates to 2 lbs of lean body weight (1 kilo in round numbers). This way we know our ceiling in protein grams….but now to practically translate into foods. Here is a rough and ready guide: 6 ounces of chicken breast (use this for any meat or fish) is 40 grams! So calculate 7 grams per ounce for meat fish; nuts and grains with Macadamia Nuts  a native to Australia and a favourite in Hawaii, more beneficial and with 76% of great fats; Macadamia nuts just 6  grams per 1/4 cup; eggs 7 grams, and similarly per ounce cheeses and beans and broccoli; vegetables around 1 gram as a continual background count! So it’s the meats and fish that can quickly add up if one is not careful.

If possible concentrate on increasing the fats….for this reason wild pacific salmon; grass fed organic meats (non GMO and non-pesticides); coconuts and coconut milk; dark chocolate….have a look at the 70% available on Amazon, but keep it dark not milk; avocados (including the pips/stones/seeds!) plenty of Olive oil in salads; Greek yogurts…try to make your own without sugar…that’s the bane of store bought yogurt! Almond butter is also good. If you are having trouble with increasing fats…just add the good fats to your daily smoothies. My favourite healthy fat is Coconut… and literally snack on it as it is kind of solid if cooled just a little! If you still have difficulty in reducing protein, then, favour less protein and more plant based carbohydrates! It’s important though…. How to Protein Count.