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Protein Counting Important

protein counting
protein counting

I intend to concentrate on; Protein Counting Important. After listening to the February lecture in Vail by Dr. Ron Rosedale as to his experience and knowledge relating to the three classes of food: fats/sugar, fructose and carbs/and proteins, particularly relating to his successful treatment of metabolic syndrome diseases such as diabetes, what I think was a missing penny finally dropped! It was a ‘Eureka’ moment for me, although I did not proverbially sprint in the streets of Syracuse as allegedly did Archimedes when he worked out a density/volume issue that convicted a crooked goldsmith.!

Succinctly I always equated ketosis with positives, but Ron Rosedale has more than convinced me of the subtleties between fat burning ketosis and the same process relating to amino acids derived from proteins. The over abundance of proteins in our diet promotes the production of mTOR which turns off the benefits of ketosis and actually creates the opposite desired effect! In short it is not ketosis per se that we should concentrate on, but fat burning. It just happens that when we fat burn, the ketosis is not only benign, but extraordinarily beneficial in countering aging, metabolic syndrome problems and cancer. This is why Protein Counting Important.

mTOR means ‘mammalian target of rapamycin‘ and there is a paleolithic explanation for the presence of mTOR. His statement that ‘your health and likely your lifespan will be determined by the proportion of fat versus sugar you burn over a lifetime’ is so apt. The ‘calories in, calories out’ dogma now put aside…it is all about supporting hormones and growth factors that cause our bodies to burn fat rather than sugar. The mTOR pathway, that we all have paleo inherited, effectively supervises all our nutrient sensors. Insulin, leptin, and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) are examples of nutrient sensing hormones. The objective, simply to decide whether cells should be replicated now, or to stay alive to replicate at a more opportune moment when nutrients are more available. It’s the latter condition that we need to simulate and thereby ‘trick’ our metabolism.

Bottom line! We suppress mTOR activity….how? Protein Counting Important. This way, we clean burn by not exceeding the proteins we need! This number is remarkably small! I weigh 140 lbs with 9% fat. In round numbers that means I should eat daily a maximum of only 65 grams of protein. But if I’m successful, then all those good things relating to repair of cellular mitochondria work! We somehow have to trick our bodies to deploy ‘as if’ we still have to procreate genetically…otherwise evolution just does not care and we age and die. As Rosedale says, we want to apply that science post reproductively. Bottom line eat a high-fat ketogenic diet, with healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive oils, and uniquely, macadamia nuts (unique for great fats and less protein) with low carbs and the right amount of high quality protein!