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Stem Cells Fight Mitochondrial Aging!

Stem Cells Fight Mitochondrial Aging!
Stem Cells Fight Mitochondrial Aging!

Seizing advances in certain science sectors coupled with the co-ordination of ALL healthy disciplines… the key is the avoidance of devastating negation results of critical SHORTFALL…ie: failure to implement even just one can undo benefits of all others!…THAT if one can survive few more years relatively “intact”…our longevity could credibly leap to 100 or even 125 years! My opinion: a serious breakthrough and contributing element is Stem Cell therapy. Stem Cells Fight Mitochondrial Aging!

Two areas…this article on the use of umbilical cords…other stem cell arena is production from fasting. Umbilical Stem Cells Controversial…BUT with sophisticated labs, know-how, stem cell origin integrity, both biological and ethical, the longevity mountain could be significantly moved! Imagine such a breakthrough therapy incorporated with the elimination of major health deficits, (or breakaway factors!) as much as possible and practicably (‘practical’ often realistically associated with age physical limitations).

Main deficits or breakaway examples: exercise, movement, vitamin deficiencies (present-day Vitamin D deficiency now chronic in North America)…High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) damage. But it’s a huge breakthrough that: Stem Cells Fight Mitochondrial Aging!

Positives really breakaway!..for autoimmunity issues, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, or leaky gut issues, specific Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) can be harvested and selected with the particular human metabolic syndrome sub-issue determinant…then laboratory-grown and then harvested…in billions MSCs for particular task, and to specifically fight at the mitochondrial level…which means cellular level…(interestingly our gut designed to operate at cellular molecular transference)… Given cancer is essentially Metabolic Syndrome intracellular inflammation issue, and origin…similar location analogies may be applicable. Already seems that breast cancer now may become a victim rather than victor!

The Old-age dilemma is that the mitochondrial clock is literally winding down. The usual problem with stem cell therapy is that using MSCs of over sixty fives, stem cells their own mathematical issues and limitations. Example: umbilical cell origin MSCs are at day zero and when appropriately identified for the task and then grown in the lab (understand you may not need much of the umbilical cord cellular structure for this purpose!) from day one (effectively newborn) division every 24 hours! Math: 1 billion cells after 30 days! Contrast 65-year old MSCs double every 60 hours…means pitiful 200 MSCs in 30 days! 35-year-old doubles 48 hours, which means only 32,000 cells in 30 days! The resulting triage mitochondrial optimization and revitalization! Stem Cells Fight Mitochondrial Aging!