Longevity Secrets 105 Year Athlete!


Yesterday, Robert Marchand, aged of 105, set a world record in one hour track cycling, in an over 105 age group. He covered 22.5 kms. This category was specially created..there are not that many 105 cyclists around! But from the point of view of lifestyle, and with the precepts that this WEB continuously publishes, it is worth a quick analysis of the salient health positives from the life of this remarkable man! Longevity Secrets 105 Year Athlete!

Marchand was born on 26th. November 1911 in Amiens, France. He is slight stature…1.5 meters. This, as a factor of many, has longevity implications. His life overall has been active…a firefighter in Paris in the 1930s…truck driver in Venezuela, late 40s, lumberjack in Canada. In the 60s active in France as a gardener and wine dealer. He returned to cycling in 1978..and at 68 took up road biking seriously..even cycling to Moscow from Paris in 1992. Currently he keeps pedaling and stretching every day in a small flat near Paris. He lives, uncomplaining, on a meager pension of some $1000 US.

His coach, Gerard Mistler, thinks longevity relates to his healthy lifestyle, with the eating lots of fruits and vegetables, not smoking, an occasional, rare glass of wine, coupled with exercising on a daily basis. This Web endorses all of that! Longevity Secrets 105 Year Athlete!

He goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes at 6.00..so his genetic type needs that 9.00 hours, Marchand allows it to occurs naturally. An assessment of adequate sleep and individualization is vital…and he has benefited. No gadgets to disturb his rhythm, and close to a paleolithic mirror. His mind active, he likes reading. His heart is relatively large for his size (an advantage with slight stature) and from regular lifetime training he can reach high heart beat values. Thus many factors…but diet major..good microbiome and probiotics, because of fiber and vegetables, continuous lifelong daily movement…seemingly relative contentment…happy as it were with his lot…daily exercise…and look at him now! disciplined, no excessive alcohol, and a non smoker…Longevity Secrets 105 Year Athlete!