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Legendary McGuff Surprising Exercise Time Saving Efficiencies

Legendary McGuff Surprising Exercise Time Saving Efficiencies.
Legendary McGuff Surprising Exercise Time Saving Efficiencies.

Dr. Doug McGuff is perceptive. Although somewhat difficult to follow punchlines from his YouTube, I placed at bottom …BUT he actually hits points dead-on for some Surprising Exercise Time Saving Efficiencies!

To contrast, for example, from peddling aerobic bike for some 45 minutes!

What are these Time Saving Efficiencies?

In simplistic terms: That we can waste an awful lot of time in the gym! The idea is to optimize our Exercise and Weight training. Almost essential!

He believes that most people on aerobic machines may as well not bother! Except for certain adaptation to certain kinds of sports, for actual exercise experience.

My take: In a rather short period, around only 12 minutes, one can go through seriously effective High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

If McGuff had his way, we would for many abandon the HIIT altogether, and favour only HIST.

HIST or Hight Intensity Strength Training, for example, similar quantum in minutes of 12. This may extend to 15 or so. Which in turn depends on familiarity with weight machines and actual weight amounts!

What is HIST? And talking Dr Doug McGuff concept:

The essence of his HIST is to actually exhaust the muscle completely.

Means I just am unable to push any more. With those extra seconds of determination, my muscles will actually fail! They become trembling and exhausted.

Reflections respecting practising both HIIT and HIST:

This McDuff does not rule out but for most of his patients, he just concentrates on HIST! And seemingly only once a week!

I realise that I must control my urge and gym compulsiveness of continuously utilizing HIIT too much. McDuff thinks if combined with HIST, then outside a couple of times a week.

But there are exceptions:

Because of my cardio fears, I push this envelope to three time, but reduce the overall repetitions. My new trick, to back off to just 4, instead of say 8 repetition, of HIIT in one session.

This means 30 seconds of intense HIIT workout, and then one minute 30 seconds interval of aerobic recovery. This sufficient to hit sequence again.

After four HIIT at intensity, one can feel the drain! I may even go five, concluding with a different angle on the elliptical. Almost a final wind-down! 12.5 mins!

As alluded to above necessary, if conditioning for competition, to actually engage in that type of activity periodically, to ensure optimum achievement of that activity type! Classic is distance biking!

Now to exceptions individually depending upon any medical indications! Example:

I have a high CAC score. To me, that is a prime target to control. One of the best ways is to use HIIT to achieve a regular Nitric Oxide dump into the arteries.

This allows for an optimal modulation of plaque control, and even removal. But usually one must also adopt SEVERAL MODALITIES, particularly that of Vitamin D3 combined with K2 and Ubiquinol.

Were it not for this issue I would be tempted to ignore most of the HIIT in favour of HIST.

This way one avoids the risk of overall exhaustion from too intense an application of the modalities of HIIT and HIST.

And that can be accomplished with just one session a week! Or if using weights over several days but sequencing muscle groups. Legendary McGuff Surprising Exercise & Weights Efficiencies.