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Unbelievable, Reversal Heart Disease Possible?

Unbelievable, Reversal Heart Disease Possible?
Unbelievable, Reversal Heart Disease Possible?

Reversal Heart Disease Possible?

I am a fan of Dr. Gregor, and am putting his short video at the end of this article. Personally have always been at risk of cardiovascular disease. AND: and now truly Unbelievable, Reversal Heart Disease Possible? Yes believe so but its also discipline! My family has a terrible history and has a high CAC score.

Where I perhaps differ from Gregor is that CAC calcification reading determinative. Cholesterol is a marker but I have written many pieces on challenging its total viability. However, the emphasis Gregor points out of Plant-based diets is the main conduit to bring down any Insulin Resistance. Really the English Stoggy (a lot of Carbs) and sweet food emphasis amounts to quicky diabetic or pre-diabetic state. Also their culture of pub life and beer major contributor.

smokers at high-risk cancer

A smoking ‘victim’ only neutralizes lung damage with 15 years of non-smoking! And I call an addicted smoker just that, a victim! That person only then finally gets to just about the same footing as a non-smoker!

It’s a long time to wait, and all along really the pull to smoke somewhat analogous to any drug. And, smokers at high-risk cancer. Other drugs such as alcohol cross the mind, besides the obvious of all things white and that also includes sugar! High Fructose Corn Syrup. Substitutes such as Diet Coke are even worse!

Essentially we surround ourselves in our society with addictive attractions or even dares! As a father of teenagers, I see the enormous pressures of school, peers and media. Once had an expression that school life is sometimes like a coin in the air. It all depends so often upon the chance meetings in the breezeway! Same with smoking and drugs.

our bodies can heal themselves

The concept is that our bodies can heal themselves and in fact are designed to do so. We have a remarkable capacity for regeneration. But it seems we do everything to make that as hard as possible!

This is the same with heart disease. His, Dr. Greger’s premise that a vegan type diet will dramatically reverse the chance of dying from heart disease. The numbers are impressive but I have some caveats or reservations! However, as a potential heart victim with a high CAC score, I rely on the motivation of Heart Disease reversal! It’s attacking HyperInsulinemia!

A quick list!
The more we are plant-based the better.
The fewer carbs we consume, the better! Definitely include white bread in there!
The better we concentrate on our gut and microbiome, translates to health!
The careful avoidance of too much protein the better.
The continual awareness of organics is always worth the extra cost.
The better we understand and read the food labels that defeat so many!
But there are good fats! In rapid order, I encourage Coconut..called SCTs! Short Chain Triglycerides!
Avocado and Olive Oils. BUT Make sure you get the Genuine Olive oil. Italy has a reputation for cheating here! Costco is a good counter bet as they vet!
Limit, but not outlaw: Cows milk and products. Butter Organic and grass-fed, excellent for cooking! Wipeout Margarines!
A good formula is, in fact, Pescatarian, with some exceptions form time to time…but always truly Organic when it comes to Meats!

Regeneration is really my pet theme. The ultimate regeneration is that of our Stem Cells. So important the older the subject and so misunderstood by the world of research except for a handful!

So long as we create an appropriate cellular climate we can heal ourselves. And this includes even reversal of Heart Disease and High CAC scoring!

But in this self-healing concept, we must avoid serious deficit modalities. Such as Vitamin D. or too many toxins, and I include products of the processed food industries. Imagine you are in a tank of water with artificial waves. The dial for the waves cannot be full-on all the time! We may benefit from treading water in some turbulence but we will drown. if it is overwhelming! Challenge your body with HIST and HIIT but not too much!

My take is repetitive, that we should all along positively target our Stem Cells and Mitochondria to ensure optimum health. I believe that a total combined attack with this in mind is the ultimate for Health and Longevity! Unbelievable, Reversal Heart Disease Possible?