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Undeniable, Fasting IS Secret Health & Longevity

Undeniable, Fasting IS Secret Health & Longevity
Undeniable, Fasting IS Secret Health & Longevity

The bottom line of this Blog always comes back to the same denominator… that is real health. By that I mean resistance to disease and longevity and it all comes down to our Cellular Health.

Processed, junk foods, cause Obesity.

Also Tip of my hat to Dr. Mercola here:

  • Processed, junk foods, cause Obesity. With excessive sugars, net carbs and unhealthy fats.
  • Eating too late in the evening. Try to have a three-hour window before bed!
  • High iron levels. Ironically men and postmenopausal women I think have too much iron!
  • Inactivity overall. Work out at the start of the day excellent. Try to reflect our lives to our forbears millions of years ago…they were always moving!
  • Toxins from air, water, food and personal products. This is where we are really damaged as opposed to even those a hundred years ago!
  • EMFs from appliances, cell phones, Wi-Fi and “smart” gadgets. avoid holding my cell phone to my head whilst talking. Also turning it off at night!
  • NON Organic meats. CAFOs or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are probably one of the most damaging and polluting North American concepts.
  • Deficit Modalities such as Lack of Vitamin D. Sunlight! Failure to pay attention to our Circadian rhythms and sleep cycles.
  • Not enough fiber! This includes fiber from plants and fruit. Remember that the skins of Apples…and make sure its organic….are the main source of benefit! An apple a day…

Fasting Is Secret Health & Longevity

many positives from fasting embedded in our cells:

  • Our body shifts into a protective and regenerative mode. Mitochondria that are senescent, or hung up from being operative to downright dangerous, in that they are not actually destroyed.
  • Your cells and tissues work extra hard to fight damaging free radicals and repair its genetic materials. A different climate is operating within our cells.
  • Your mitochondria undergo mitochondrial biogenesis where they replace old, malfunctioning mitochondria with new ones.
  • Our stem cells suddenly spring to life. I look at this aspect of our cellular activity as the greatest legacy we have inherited from our millennia of evolution. The stem cells of babies and youth in terms of their multiplication factor far outstrip those of older persons.
  • We get cellularly. This has massive consequences for health and longevity.
  • If we utilize fasting effectively we really have a massive opportunity to turn back the tide of life. By that, I mean extending our life and avoiding disease. Now that is true longevity!
  • Fasting drives your cells to use their mitochondria to shift over and produce energy from fat.
  • Undeniable, Fasting IS Secret Health & Longevity?

Undeniable, Fasting IS Secret Health & Longevity?