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Real Secret Centenarians!


Often reflected on Real Secret Centenarians!..singularly, we are fixated on health, but watching a BBC program last night, discussing unique attributes of longevity, it occurred to me that those physically active, with support groups, AND were continually intellectually challenged: Musicians, writers, actors, with that element of creativity, publicly appreciated and does not wane…have an edge. But also those who sought out an arduous lifestyle. Example of World War 2 veteran who bought 50 acres, built his house and raised a family. Just heating required endless cords of wood, that in itself was a continual physical challenge. His zest for the challenges of any new day, and how to deal with them, seemed to satisfy and substitute that intellect requirement. His willingness to parachute and commentary a true insight. Today, coincidentally, read excellent article on same issue by Joseph Mercola.

Refers to comments of Israeli physician Dr. Nir Barzilai of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine…that Centenarians in class of their own…thus: Real Secret Centenarians!

To quote: “The usual recommendations for a healthy life…not smoking, not drinking, plenty of exercise, a well balanced diet, keeping weight down…they apply to us average people. But not to them. Centenarians are in a class of their own.” Mercola also points out highest rate of centenarians anywhere in the world is Sardinia, 6 centenarians for every 3000 people! That this is literally 10 times more than in the US where life expectancy now on the decline! BUT real the key it seems is management of STRESS…and this is best accomplished by emotional and social support. My view…a far cry from parking parents in an old age care facility!

Have to also remember Sardinians may have edge on organic and wholesome foods…the Mediterranean diet…real positives…my own opinion is that if other essential elements are also present as in Sardinia, such as year round sunlight…allows optimization of Vitamin D, Infrared and Near Infrared spectra, with accompanying Mitochondrial Health. Optimism…an epigenetic advantage! Reference to Dr. Steven Gundry’s book “The Plant Paradox“…supports limiting animal protein…because cattle, pigs, and sheep carry sugar called Neu5Gc, which our immune system recognizes as not only foreign, but then develops an antibody to the lining of our own blood vessels! Real Secret Centenarians!