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Cow’s Milk Causes Growth?

Cow's Milk Causes Growth?
Cow's Milk Causes Growth?
Cow’s Milk Causes Growth? Recently in the National Post, an article by Sharon Kirkey an article effectively: Study that proteins may give children a growth edge. This is close to heart of my two teenage children! Both, largely driven by “tall and lanky” attractiveness image for one, and “tall gives an edge sports” for other, complain that ‘if only’ they could gain just that much more!
The world then would look entirely different from their perspectives!
We are all conscious of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs. And utter disaster they present in United States and elsewhere.
Genetically Engineered Foods, or GEs and GMOs. Toxins, pesticides, unwanted minerals, mercury, aluminum, bacteria, but also growth hormones!
The extraordinary growth heights of US population may be due specifically to contribution by growth hormones. Feeding to them from this source, and particularly milk!
But in Canada, the addition of Growth Hormones is a no-no. So the question is whether Cow’s Milk standing alone, on the basis of Sun article, has merit? Best thinking is optimizing growth for children in their development throughout childhood and into adults!

There is an underlying diet fat/protein/carbohydrate commentary, in Sun article. Not entirely obvious, but strikes a note of resonance with this writer. Implicit with articles in this Blog. Optimizing diet one of important legs for optimum health.

With that, the ratio of dramatically increased percentage of good fats, including saturated fat, like Coconut Oil, in relation to Carbohydrates and Proteins…is essential.
Fats have for too long a bad rap…and along with Fats is concept of Fat Burning and the introduction to a metabolism almost unknown to most of our populations.
This imports KETOSIS and also an amplification of that metabolism with Partial Fasting.
These areas are somewhat complicated and no wonder most of us are confused.
Coincidence that Asians, whose parents short but children reared NA tall?

Objective here to decode and render comprehensible, given rapid strides in research that this WEB makes huge effort to simplify! My take…there is merit that milk proteins, and insulin like growth factors, occurring naturally in cow’s milk, may well give children an edge in “linear growth”. But is this a health end of itself that Cows Milk causes growth!