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Digital Gold Less Indian Stress!


Financial security actually does alleviate stress! Numerous studies that equate financial pressures to depression, and even suicide. Once present rapid deterioration of overall health. Stress equates to inflammation, invariably this translates at mitochondrial level, with resulting mitochondrial negatives. Cancer really the twists and turns and deception at this cellular level! India fetish about gold. It is a medium of family wealth and jewelry usually gold. Many gold shops! Last resort wealth custom! Most distrust government, including massive bureaucracy. Legal system operates at snails pace, seemingly, frequently corrupt. Religious overlay with complicated inter-relationships between Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities. Digital Gold Less Indian Stress! Political consensus in India a nightmare…Prime Minister Modi tried to use popularity, stature, and political savvy, to painfully rationalize early after election.

But Modi scaring many. Entire currency bank notes just eliminated at sweep of executive pen! Now Digital Gold Less Indian Stress!

Great unwashed, including you and me, realize paper currency really worthless. Fiat of government to essentially control…mainly by ‘stealing’ through inflation. Great FDA trick in the USA! Paper money commercial convenience, but with central banking regulation, and the whims of government controlling, can become it’s own nightmare.

Brazil another example…there, with collapse oil prices, endemic corruption, dictator control, disregard for life…isolation from United States, current election fraud, and open street warfare..owning currency major, major inflation issue. By the minute becomes visually more worthless! Also Zimbabwe…there corrupt, evil and aging dictator, clings to power, simply by longevity, his racist, and murderous rule almost tacitly accepted norm. Nevertheless their currency steals by the second from it’s population…terror reigns supreme. Essentially once fertile farmlands populated many generations ago by mainly whites, settled in then Rhodesia, have been ruined with seizure, capture, rape, murder, and ignorance. Here we are complaining about stress…and economic stress…but imagine kind of stress in farming families for generations, producing great community wealth, suddenly targeted racially. Harold Wilson had little idea of African practical reality, way back in the 60s…he essentially betrayed that unique country, as he ‘dictated’ from Mediterranean British warship, to then Prime Minister Smith! This is just ‘overlay stress’, upon ‘individual stress‘…caused politicially and bureaucratically, usually out of their self interest. But now in India Digital Gold Less Indian Stress!