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Health From a Varied Diet Plus Fasting Formula?

Health Varied Diet Plus Fasting Formula?
Health Varied Diet Plus Fasting Formula?

The Coronavirus pandemic in the US out of control and why? I’m personally convinced that a large contributing factor is because the population is ‘Metabolically Compromised’. Obesity, with some exceptions, is the most outward manifestation of the condition but does that have to be our reality? Can we move towards much better health from a varied diet plus Fasting formula?

The reality is that the coronavirus causes havoc amongst this metabolically compromised population and Includes insulin resistance, heart issues, and a whole ‘slew’ of metabolic diseases. Sadly enough, age also amplifies the negatives.

What to do to offset these issues, particularly during these challenging times? Real motivation to start!

In the US over 40% of the population is obese. This means a BMI greater than 30.

The economic effect of weight-related diseases and loss of productivity is approaching some 2 trillion dollars!

If we factor the coronavirus into the equation, the indirect economic devastation far exceeds the two trillion!

The fad diets are legion. Plus the exercise weight loss regimens are largely fraught with failure!

Initially, most can lose some weight no matter what the particular is. But it is keeping off that weight long term that is the “Mount Everest!”

I am an example that the careful deployment of fasting regimens combined with an overall dietary strategy can work wonders!

The key is to approach everything slowly and to get medical clearance along the way. Age, medication, and for full fasting, even pregnancy, are all medical obstacles.

Many diets try to cut back on calories. Chronic calorie deprivation results and our bodies just shut down compounding the problem.

I find that eating a predominantly healthy, plant-based diet is a good fundamental but a key to understand is that some meats provide much-needed nutrients in a much more efficient manner.

Avoid processed foods ‘like the plague’! Keep to the modalities of this website, and particularly intermittent fasting protocols can work wonders!

The regular practice of a Time-Restricted Feeding regimen, aka Intermittent Fasting introduces Ketosis. A rarity that has never been experienced by most North Americans.

BUT varied intermittent dieting is a Modality. Introduces Hormesis uploading huge genetically expressed benefits!

Very fixed on variation and returning to 12 hours basic optimum frequently. Reduces risk items such a gall stones! Our bodies thrive on variation!

So avoid deficit diets, avoid processed foods, try to eat organic whenever possible, deploy Keto type diet periods.

only graduate to optimum five day fast after extensive Keto experience, realize that our bodies love variation and change.

I emphasize good fats when cooking such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Avocado oils. Organic butter is excellent for high heat! Watch the amount of Protein like a hawk, most of us eat far too much! Compensate with more good fats!

Deploy useful hacks such as MCTs. Exercise, but wisely, utilize Nictric Oxide ‘dumps’ from short HIIT bursts for arterial health!

Also to help keep this virus at bay make sure you have your Vitamin D and K2 particularly in Northern climates!

Try to use other Modalities for overall health and read this Blog!

Health from a varied diet plus Fasting formula?