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Indoors Coronavirus Order Senseless Sunlight Healthy!


I have always been very high on the value of Vitamin D for a legion of health reasons. The gene expression of Vitamin D from sunlight through the skin is phenomenal.

Unfortunately largely as a result of our paleolithic ancestry, and I am talking literally millions of years, we have an issue of sometimes too much sun, for instance in Africa.

This comes with its Coronavirus complications and setbacks for those of darker skin.

A basic reason is that those with dark skins have built paleolithic protection, and it takes much longer to absorb an optimum amount of vitamin D.

In New York, African Americans are particularly vulnerable during this crisis. Significantly disproportionate numbers have fallen victim to Coronavirus. Both from contraction and survival.

Personally believe the stay at home orders, and banning access to public parks and spaces has been crazy. This virus seems to spread indoors and minimally outdoors.

Getting sunlight is integral to our health, but so also is the reality of just WHERE this virus mostly spreads.

The effective authoritarian guilt expressions of particularly outdoor face mask-wearing and social distancing is troubling.

My research finds no empirical data for the six or eight feet. What IS important is to avoid viral droplets from direct coughing of an infected carrier. This immediately limits that distance equation to one of reality.

Getting sunlight is integral to our health, but so also is the reality of just WHERE this virus mostly spreads.

But integral to that equation is the health of our population. Compromising overall viral resistance and resilience with ‘Stay at Home’ orders is incomprehensible.

SARS-CoV-2 is an ‘enveloped type virus’, meaning that vitamin D may actually have a direct antiviral effect on it.

Data from a clinical trial by GrassrootsHealth reveals this link. Vitamin D levels were strongly connected to illness severity.

Simply put 30 ng/ml is significantly below an ideal Vitamin D level that should be 45 ng/ml or above ideally!

The Masai tribe in Africa living their traditional lifestyle and with highly protective skin seem to be naturally in excess of 45ng/ml.

In those countries suffering drastic Coronavirus deaths, it seems the general Vitamin D levels are deplorable.

African Americans in some cases because of their unique location, status, and lifestyle sometimes hover in the 5ng/ml range. No wonder the death statistics in NY are shocking.

I believe the correlation is strong. Ivor Cummins specifically and brilliantly deals with the science. I am about to write about the issues with Face Masks.

The continual mantra from Authoritarian dictates, and no doubt well-meaning, may be so severely misguided.

Many health modalities are always significant at any one time. But our elderly in nursing homes are often multi-compromised.

The one continual theme though is their opportunity to have appropriate levels of vitamin D from sunlight and outdoor exposure is drastically curtailed.

As Ivor Cummins points out substitution with Vitamin D supplements is a less than ideal compensation. However, even that singular event is unlikely, as the general awareness required is just not out there.

Indeed that mantra has been worldwide…. ‘Lockdown and Stay Indoors’. Those teenagers and young persons in that Toronto park on the first day of opening may in reality not have been incurring any real danger.

They were outdoors, getting natural sunlight, and the distancing may have been almost totally immaterial. Yet the guilt and lecture remained and even immediately from the Premier of that Province. Indoors Coronavirus Order Senseless Sunlight Healthy!